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Joey Pinkney’s meeting with The Ladies of Flavor Book Club on 01-23-10 for The Soul of a Man Anthology

Because of my day job (yes, I have a day job…lol) I don’t get to travel much to promote my literary efforts or attend book events. Recently I had the pleasure of traveling from Garner, NC, a suburb of Raleigh, to my beloved hometown of Memphis, TN, to participate in a book discussion with The Ladies of Flavor Book Club (http://ladiesofflavor.com/).

We met to discuss my short story “Like Father, Like Son” in specific and The Soul of a Man in general. (“Like Father, Like Son” is a featured short story in The Soul of a Man: The Triumph of My Soul Anthology, winner of 2009 Best Short Stories/Best Anthology at the African-American Literary Awards Show)

To say I was excited was an understatement. Here I was, about to go back home and meet up with a book club co-founded by a high school friend, Marchieta Taylor. (Shout out to Central High School aka “The High School”, Class of ’93!) My mother, her boyfriend and my little brother were going with me, and they were almost excited as was.

The book discussion was held at Firebirds Wood Fired Grill (http://www.firebirdsrockymountaingrill.com) My entourage and I were fashionably late. Just kidding, my flight got me in right around the time they started. When we got there, we were greeted by a beautiful group of women. No fake smiles, no fake attitudes…a real family and friends vibe. You can’t beat that.

Marchieta moderated the discussion based on the questions she prepared and shared with me and the book club beforehand. Let me tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed their realistic take on The Soul of a Man Anthology and my short story. I mean, it was no-holds-barred, yet far from rude. You know how we do…

We talked about a lot of things. We covered a lot from personal feelings and perspectives to the editing of The Soul of a Man. I was great. I really enjoyed their discussion of “Like Father, Like Son”, but not for the obvious reasons. Sure I wrote it, but I’m not egotistical like that.

I was intrigued by the things they got from my characters that I didn’t notice in writing the story. I didn’t agree with every single thing said, but I didn’t have to. To tell you the truth, I didn’t agree with everything my characters said and did. That’s real life…

In addition to being in the presence of a great group of women who take reading seriously, my family was there to experience that with me. If you could have seen my mother, you would know exactly what I’m saying. I mean, she was smiling from ear to ear the whole time. That’s precious. Anybody who loves their mother would understand that.

I was also happy to hear that being there with The Ladies of Flavor Book Club inspired my brother Anthony Pinkney and my mother’s boyfriend Michael Johnson to join a book club for the fellowship and discussion. They might not do it, but the spark was enough for me.

If you want to have your book get an honest appraisal and if you want to meet a fabulous group of women, please check out the Ladies of Flavor Book Club. Now, don’t just try to drop your books off and let that be it. Actually go out there and meet up with them, if you can, when they discuss the book. You will not be sorry.


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Joey Pinkney’s Book Discussion/Book Signing for The Soul of a Man Anthology at Southeast Regional Library, October 22, 2009

Award-winning author Joey Pinkney signing The Soul of a Man Anthology at Southeast Regional Library during its African American Book Club meeting dedicated to the author (Garner, NC)

The book signing/ book discussion was special to me for a couple of reasons: 1) It was one that I organized by myself for the first time. 2) It was going to be in my hometown of Garner, NC. (I have collaborated with some of the other contributors on a book signing/discussion in Atlanta.)

Left to Right: DeJah Jones, Joey Pinkney and Don’Tay Jones (Joey’s children)

The gathering was small, about 10 or so people. The room in the Southeast Regional Library has a wonderful set up. I’m going to hold more meetings there in the future.

Author Joey Pinkney with new fan

After the brief introduction, I asked if anyone had a chance to read the book. I kid you not, I think I really did hear crickets…and they are out of season right now. That was cool with me because it gave me a chance to cover all the talking points that I had been practicing in the shower, on the way to work and while I washed dishes.

Author Joey Pinkney with new fans

I talked about my story, the step-parent aspect and the novel I plan to write as a followup. Then I asked it there were any questions. Maybe the crickets were asking me something, I don’t know. Then I started talking about how I got involved with the anthology, my author interview series and how we work together to spread the word about this book. That’s when the crowd started to open up. One lady was asking a bunch of good questions to humor me. She was trying to get her friend to help me out to. Then a gentleman started getting insightful with his questions, eventually asking me to read my favorite part.

Author Joey Pinkney with new fan and winner of Body Works prize for the evening

I read that. For me, the first couple of paragraphs set the poetic tone of the main character’s, Terrence Greene, perspective. Then thought about it: this is a group effort. I told about theSoul Brothers” aspect to our family and ran it down the line. I didn’t know that I knew so much about each and every one of the other contributors of The Soul of a Man Anthology. I guess all those sleepless nights browsing through thesoulofaman.net were for a purpose.

Author Joey Pinkney with JoeAnne Stephens, Reference Librarian and Facilitator of the African American Book Club at the Southeast Regional Library (Garner, NC)

After that, an hour had passed. I wrapped it up, and let them know two things: you don’t have to look towards L.A. or New York for an award-winning author, there is one right here in Garner, NC, and that I was going to donate a book for every two books sold.

JoeAnne Stephens presenting Author Joey Pinkney with a gift from the Southeast Regional Library (Garner, NC)

The librarian that facilitated the event told me she was retiring soon and wanted to add this to her scrapbook. A couple of the attendees said that they had other speaking events that they wanted me to be a part of. I’ll see that when I see that. Sold six books, so three will be donated.

Author Joey Pinkney with attendees of The Soul of a Man Book Signing/Discussion at the Southeast Regional Library (Garner, NC)

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JoeyPinkney.com Video Presentation… Author Marc Lacy, The Soul of a Man Anthology

I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Lacy a few questions about his contribution to The Soul of a Man: A Triumph of My Soul Anthology. This clip was filmed during a book signing in Border in The Mall at Stonecrest in Lithonia, GA on 08-08-09.

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