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5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Samaya Young, author of The W.I. Investigations

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Samaya Young, author of The W.I. Investigations
(Lulu Publishing)

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W.I. Investigations has opened for its first day in the story “Shape Shifter”, introducing Vin Rubio and his new partner Willow Mooserunner. They are asked to check up on their boss’ recluse friend to find out who is harassing him. What they find is something not of this world.

In “The Martyr”, unlikely partners, Ru Pascall and Wally Saunders, trail a ruthless serial killer who is able to see the future. At that same time, sisters Elyse and Ashley plunge into the occult to search for a dangerous sect in the case of “The White Doves”. They discover that its founders possess the ability to control the minds of their followers and perhaps even the sisters’.

In Case 4 “Hero” Ayre Walsh is allowed to work her much-wanted first assignment. Her father asks her to find a mysterious man, who saves innocent would-be victims just before disaster strikes.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write The W. I. Investigations?

Samaya Young: I’ve always loved thrillers and paranormal stories, gritty realism with a hint of the extraordinary. I’ve always been a huge fan of TV shows such as Law & Order, Medium, Criminal Minds and the X-Files. I wondered what it would be like to create a series of stories with all the elements combined.

Rather than pick two main characters, I liked the diversity of several pairs. That allowed me to diversify in the individual cases and also the dynamics between partners. The W.I. Investigations specialize in the extraordinary cases where normal authorities don’t know how to, or can’t, proceed.

JP: What sets The W. I. Investigations apart from other novels in its genre?

SY: With these stories I’ve tried to create a new writing style that combines literature with cinematography. I’m fusing imagery and story development, much like it would be when you switch on the TV and watch your favorite show. Basically that means that I designed The W.I. Investigations for easy reading.

From all around, I’ve been hearing that readers have less and less time for reading. With the W.I.’s, you can just pick a free moment without needing to go through the “settle-in” ritual. I want you to be able to pick up a story in a bus or train, to and from work, during lunch or in your favorite reading chair.

Uncomplicated escapism wherever you are, in separately bound stories, or as volumes 1 to 4 in a single bound bundle.

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that lead to The W. I. Investigations getting out to the public?

SY: Having fun writing, this is main ingredient that every author needs. The support of family and friends who all love the people I created. Devotion to the stories and their characters and a need to share them with like minds. Then just gritting my teeth, going ahead and taking the plunge.

It is scary, exciting and a continuing road of discovery, in every aspect.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish The W. I. Investigations?

SY: I started with the main idea of W.I. back in ’99, I believe. The individual cases/stories started out as fun relaxing scribbles while I was in-between bigger projects. They grew from there.

It’s a collection of paranormal tales about a versatile group of detectives learning to work together and form a bond of trust and friendship while facing danger time and again.

This rapidly created a new world for me. Once that happened, it became inevitable that I would continue with them, and I did. Writing these cases and the multitude of opportunities the original idea offers is without limit and makes it a beginning of many more to come.

JP: What’s next for Samaya Young?

SY: W.I. Investigations Vol. 5-8 is near completion, of course. I have a cookbook for vegetarians, which is in the process of being completed. But also, a brand new series of full-length psychological thrillers going under the main title “No Escape From Rising Sun”. This series of stories doesn’t aim for the paranormal angle but espionage, terrorism and a dangerous sect intent on ruling the world, instead.

Other than that…whichever way the muses take me.

(Samaya Young previously published as Sam Young with “Trust Me” Said The Spy, available on Amazon.com)


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