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5 Minutes 5 Questions With… Eternity Philops, author of Visions of a Cryptic Mystery: Volume One

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Eternity Philops, author of Visions of a Cryptic Mystery: Volume One
(Black Tygre Publications)

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Visions of a Cryptic Mystery: Volume One is Eternity Philops’ first accomplished collection. A debut of her unique writing style and talent, Visions of a Cryptic Mystery showcases a diverse compendium of poetry and short stories born to Philops’ over an extensive period of time.

Divided into three concentrated segments, Philops’ literary assemblage encompasses works expressing love, life, and loss. Each piece is a real world reflection of the Black lesbian experience. Feel the intense sensations of a woman’s dual physical attraction. Look on as two lifelong friends reflect on the path not taken. Submerge yourself in the poetic prose of unconditional love, unfortunate loss, and all that’s in between.

Visions of a Cryptic Mystery will take readers on a journey that delves into their own emotions and passions. From the sexual to the spiritual, Philops’ creative imagery and metaphoric verse brings to life one’s own imaginative and emotional senses.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write Visions of a Cryptic Mystery: Volume One?

Eternity Philops: I’ve been writing for what seems like my entire life. When I first started it was simply to try it as a creative outlet. I soon learned I had a real literary talent. Visions of a Cryptic Mystery is the resulting collection of poems over a number of years. At some point I was going through my collection, picking out the good from the bad, and decided that I had enough extraordinary work to publish my first book. The book title itself is born out of a description of my character and personality. I am in essence a cryptic mystery, and my writings are my creative visions.

JP: What sets Visions of a Cryptic Mystery: Volume One apart from other books of poetry?

EP: For one, it is a collection of not only poetry, but also of short stories. I personally have only come across such collections when they are in anthology form, not as an assemblage by a single author. The two forms can complement each other, and that is what I was going for.

What also sets my book apart is the writing style. I greatly enjoy Elizabethan/Shakespearean English and use it in a number of my poems. Also, despite my title being aimed at Black lesbians, it has a universal appeal to all kinds of women, and men too, regardless of race, culture, or sexuality. My book encompasses feelings and experiences that nearly anyone can relate, or at least empathize with.

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that led to Visions of a Cryptic Mystery: Volume One getting out to the public?

EP: Ha ha, I’m still working on that! I am new to the publishing scene. Being the renaissance woman I am, I opted to start my own publishing company rather than yield to the rules and regulations of another. But what success I have garnered thus far is due to patience and diligence, and seeking publicity wherever and whenever I can. Contacting you is a prime example of such. Writers can’t just sit and wait to be discovered because there is just far too much competition.

Forgive me if I sound conceited, but one has to really have a talent for writing. It’s competitive. There are a lot of works out there that really aren’t as good as one would think, yet they have large appeal. When you have a totally different style of writing with a different approach to subjects, you have to make sure your stuff is truly good to really get noticed.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish Visions of a Cryptic Mystery: Volume One?

EP: I started writing in my childhood and just kept collecting my work as it flowed. I had no real intentions of publishing. It was just something to do that I was pretty good at. Once I decided to actually publish the collection and start a publishing company…let’s see, I technically started in November 2007.

Now I have to begin Volume Two. That will entail starting a whole new collection of poetry and short stories. In general, my writing process is to just write down whatever flows. Often I’ll come up with a title and tailor the story or poem to match that vision. That was the case with my short story, “Other Side of the Moon”. Other times I have a concept, begin to write, and it turns into something completely different, like my poem “Historian”.

But the most important thing is to just let creativity flow. When it does, write it down immediately. I’ve lost a lot of time on works because I didn’t write down a thought or line or passage when it came to me.

JP: What’s next for Eternity Philops?

EP: In addition to writing I’m also a novice photographer, and have been working on that a little (www.fledgeling-foto.com). I also have a few online shops: Defined By Faith (www.Defined-By-Faith.com), a shop with gay Christian merchandise, and Stupid Random Stuff (www.buy-this-stuff.com), which is exactly what it sounds like!

Right now I’m focusing on marketing Visions of a Cryptic Mystery and really getting myself noticed. The next two literary projects will be Visions of a Cryptic Mystery: Volume Two, there will be three volumes in all, as well as a novel. Which will come first? Even I’m not sure on that one!


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