Urban Lit is DEAD!

Urban Lit is DEAD! by Joey Pinkney Yep, I said it… Urban Lit is dead. Done. Finito. Flatline… Who am I to say that? I don’t have the same status in the Urban Lit industry as Nas has when he said the same thing for his music. I don’t have to. I read a lot … Continue reading Urban Lit is DEAD!

Lexus is paying urban lit authors and rappers! Psyche!!

I came across interesting Tayari Jones post about a Galleycat post that Tayari found interesting. Lexus is paying (a select group of) authors to write short stories about the Lexus IS F. The 2008 Lexus Original Fiction Series “In The Belly of The Beast” is about a young couple traveling in the car from Brooklyn … Continue reading Lexus is paying urban lit authors and rappers! Psyche!!

JoeyPinkney.com Book Review – G.O.D. by Saleem Little

JoeyPinkney.com Book Review “G.O.D.” by Saleem Little 5 of 5 Stars “G.O.D.” by Saleem Little stretched the boundaries of Urban Fiction. Through the microcosm of inner-city New York, Little shined the spotlight on the ulterior motives of the “War on Drugs”. 1986: Buffalo, NY: beginning of the crack era…