5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Barbara Grovner, author We Belong Together (reloaded)

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Barbara Grovner, author of We Belong Together
(InnerVision Books)

It’s hard to imagine the death of a close family member. Especially when it is someone you admire and look up to, and most especially when it is your very own sister. It’s also hard to imagine why anyone would want your sweet and loving sister dead. Who could possibly want to hurt her, let alone kill her?

Kara’s death caused deep heartache among those who loved her. It became apparent that her killer was someone who knew her, and knew her very well. An extensive and painstaking investigation rattles and shakes the lives of those who loved Kara, until the truth comes tumbling out.

Joey Pinkney: This is a “second life” for We Belong Together. What has changed about the book since you’ve decided to re-release it? What has changed about your approach to being published since the second coming of We Belong Together?

Barbara Grovner: Yes, this is the second go ’round with We Belong Together. This time I have developed the characters much more and truly brought them to life. Detective Barnes became a man everyone can understand and identify with. The characters are much more believable with relationships that continue in the book that will follow We Belong Together.

JP: What sets We Belong Together apart from other novels in its genre?

BG: We Belong Together is a murder mystery in every sense. What sets it apart from others is the relationships of the characters involved. The friendships and family ties are all genuine and very identifiable. Readers may even see a bit of themselves in this story.

JP: As an author, what advice would you give to writers who are seriously considering?

BG: Research authors! Do your research. From choosing a reputable publisher, book cover designer, editor…always do your research. It will save you from discouragement and aggravation, as well as the time and expense of having to do things over again.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish We Belong Together?

BG: I usually handwrite my material before transferring it to the computer. It may seem old school and a bit tedious, but I find that my words flow together much more effortlessly when I am writing with a pen and notebook than when I am at the computer.

Once I begin inputting on the computer, I can do some of the tweaking and editing at that time. This method is easier for me, and I seem to get more done in one sitting.

JP: What’s next for Barbara Grovner?

BG: I am half way to completing the second book in the We Belong Together series featuring Detective Barnes. I haven’t decided just how long the series will be, but for now I am enjoying the characters. I would love to write a beautiful, sexy love story at some point. One that will make a reader go through every possible emotion, leaving them to sigh loudly after reading the last sentence. lol.

I also have a couple of smaller projects I have been working on. One of which is a handbook on etiquette for children ages six to sixteen.


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16 thoughts on “5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Barbara Grovner, author We Belong Together (reloaded)”

    1. I agree with you, Folake.

      Barbara has a real interesting story behind the release and re-release of this book. That story in and of itself would make a suspenseful novel with a happy ending.

  1. Very good interview….I really need to get to work myself….you inspire other writers who are lollygagging and procrastinating. Best of luck

  2. I love mysteries. If a mystery is done right I will be all involved and invested trying to figure out whodunit. The snippet makes me wonder who killed Kara.

    It’s not old school hand writing your story first, then typing it. I find that technique works when I really need to focus only on my story. It helps to limit the distractions.

    Good interview.

    1. Thanks Jennifer. Handwriting first makes my story real to me, and I agree when you say that it helps to limit the distractions.

      I hope you will download my ebook to your computer. I think you’ll enjoy it.

      Thanks again!!

  3. Thank you ladies! I appreciate the time you took out of your busy days to check out the interview. Your comments are awesome!

    Be sure to look for the next book which is also a murder mystery featuring the same Detective Craig Barnes that appeared in WE BELONG TOGETHER, as well as a love interest for him.

    Thanks again! Hugs!

  4. I can’t wait to see this book…and review it with Dream4More Reviews. We reviewed Even Numbers, and it was a 4.5 rating if I am not mistaken. Love to read the process part….I remember when I started out in my teens, it was paper first and still got those notebooks and manuscripts that of course, has to be rewritten.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. I’m on my way out right now and one of my stops is going to be Borders or another local book store because Readers paradise was looking for a mystery to read in 2011

    Thanks Ms. Grovner and Joey

    1. Thank you Laverne! I guess I didn’t mention that my book is an ebook and you can download a copy to your computer for just $4.00. Just go to innervisionbooks.com to get your copy. Thanks so much for your support!

  6. You can also click on the banner to get to InnerVisionbooks.com. Thanks so much!

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