5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Krystal DeLeon, First Lady model with Exclusive Fashion and Furs

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Krystal DeLeon, model with Exclusive Fashion and Furs

Krystal DeLeon was born and raised in Big Spring, TX. She graduated from Texas Tech University in December 2008 and has been successful with her career in Retail since. In February 2010, Krystal contacted Polo The Fur King via Twitter. Polo was so impressed with her passion and drive that within a week he had signed her on as the official first lady model of the Exclusive Fashion and Furs Team. Once this was completed, Krystal’s dream became reality, and her career has taken off.

Joey Pinkney: What is your biggest frustration or hurdle in breaking into the modeling industry?

Krystal DeLeon: I do not have any frustrations yet… My biggest hurdle as of now is my experience level. I still have much to learn about the industry.

JP: What was your best photo shoot? And what was your worst photo shoot?

KD: My best photo shoot was with Alex Hudson and Christopher Porter. I haven’t had a bad shoot yet.

JP: What types of dreams did you have about being a model while growing up?

KD: Growing up, I dreamed of being a hair model. I wanted to be a face on the Just for Me line beauty products. As I grew older I, I dreamed of becoming a fashion model. I wanted my face on billboards and on the covers of magazines.

JP: What tip would you give to a person who is new to both modeling and the power of social media to further their reach?

KD: If you are new to modeling, practice all the time. Choose your manager and team wisely. Use the power of social media for all it is worth. It is a very powerful tool, but not your only tool.

JP: What’s next for Krystal Deleon?

Facebook: Krystal DeLeon

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