5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Ebony J. Lewis, Writer, Producer, Director: Truth Unspoken Web Series (Part 2)

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Ebony J. Lewis, Writer, Producer, Director: Truth Unspoken Web Series (Part 2)

Filmed in New York City, Season 1 of “Truth Unspoken Web Series” is a thought evoking suspense love drama about life’s unexpected twist, turns and lessons.

It starts when Jay finds out his girlfriend Tracy has been less than truthful with him. He confronts her only to find out more than he could ever expect… But, Tracy is not the only one with a secret, Jay has one too…

Everything is brought to the light when Truths are revealed yet remain unresolved as an ensemble of events begins to enfold.

Where will the story end up? You will have to watch and see. This web-series, new-age soap opera will have you at the edge of your seat wanting more.

Joey Pinkney: The first three episodes of the Truth Unspoken Web Series were filmed in April 2009 and debuted on the Internet in March 2011. What have you learned about this hurry-up-and-wait aspect of the business that has made this series stronger as a result?

Ebony J. Lewis: I find when you rush things it shows in your over all project. I wanted to do a well rounded quality web series, and I believe the audience will feel it is well worth the wait.

JP: Now that you have most if not all of the new episodes finished, what kind of preparation are you having to go through to launch the seven new episodes of the Truth Unspoken Web Series?

EL: It’s actually 10 more episodes, making it a 13-episode series in total that I am really excited about! All of them are finish and ready to go. So there will be 10 weeks of Truth Unspoken Web Series completing season 1.

There have been tons of preparation but for the most part marketing and promoting the project. Episode #4 premieres April 3rd 2012, so catch up by watching the previous episodes!

JP: You have worked both in front of and behind the camera in various capacities. What can a person just starting out in the industry learn from your accomplishments?

EL: I would like them to know that they can do anything they put there mind to. Think out of the box. You don’t always have to stay in your lane if you are multi-talented. You may be an actor but if you are a good writer you may want to explore that option also. Also be fearless because fear paralyzes you.

JP: The Truth Unspoken Web Series initially deals with dishonesty as it pertains to Tracy, Jay and their friends and associates. Without giving away too much, are you going to stick with dishonesty and the energy moving this series forward, or are you going to add some new elements to the mix?

EL: There are some new elements that have been added to the mix! It’s an interesting story that touches on topics such as interracial dating, dating men with children and over all decision making in relationships. That element of suspense that I really love will still be there also!

JP: What’s next for Ebony J. Lewis?

EL: Hopefully a licensing deal! But until then, I will continue to do what I do best: write, produce, direct, act and model. Also check out my www.EbonyJLewis.com. Truth Unspoken Web Series Web Site is www.truthunspoken.com.






Truth Unspoken Film Festival History

“Truth Unspoken” (Short film and the first 3 episodes of the web series) was written and directed by first-time filmmaker Ebony J Lewis.

It was the official choice of the HBO’s August 2009 Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival and official choice of the Kodak Mid Atlantic Black Film Festival.

September 2009 Norfolk, VA, it was shown in the Women in Cinema Festival in November, and it’s made its Los Angeles debut in December 2009 at the 16th Annual African-American Film Market Place & S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase.

January 2010, Truth Unspoken was shown at a venue in Utah during the festivities of The Sundance Film Festival. Truth Unspoken was also featured in the NWIFT (New Women In Film & Television) Spotlight showcase in 2010.

Filmed in New York City April 2009, the cast includes many Talented Actors including: “Americas Next Top Model” Keenyah Hill, former BET host, Christopher Howard and International Inspirational Singer James Hall, the Writer/Director Ebony J Lewis, Tanda Mercer, Duane Wallace, Ron Bruce and Laurence Covington.

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