5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Jibrail Jones, author of Coming of Age

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Jabrail Jones, author of Coming of Age
(Prodigy Publishing)

Gee and Rell are making their way out of middle school, into the big game of life. Rell is being molded by his uncle and Gee is already ahead of his time, so it makes sense for the two to link up and take the streets for what they know best. And they do…

It is the summer after middle school graduation, and they start out selling weed to take the burden off their mothers from raising them. No doubt, Gee and Rell bump into a few obstacles early in the game that prepares them for what is yet to come as they ascend into the big league. That Fall, they split up and attend different high schools due to their addresses. However, the two of them go for what they know on their own, but stack their money together in a joint venture.

Gee and Rell remain best friends, but Rell has his lady in his ear trying to command his ship and stop him from selling drugs. Gee and a new comrade steadfastly expand their business, forcing two best friends to become distant.

Eventually, Gee links up with a few Puerto Ricans and take over spots across the city. He has it his way, until he stumbles across a situation that tests his loyalty to the game and to his associates.
Follow Rell and Gee as they cruise on the road to the riches. Watch them suffer and scramble to recover from the trials and tribulations of the game of life as they are Coming of Age

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write Coming of Age?

Jibrail Jones: I was in jail bored, and I decided to write a few pages. I passed them off to Steve and Lateef, and they encouraged me to finish because it would be a good book. I had already written two books before this one, though.

JP: Philly is known for being a center of harsh violence and great music. What will Coming of Age do to expand on Philadelphia’s reputation and reality for people who will learn about Philly from your book?

JJ: Well, Coming of Age would bring the streets of Uptown Philly to them. I mean, the people who have never had to struggle or never sold drugs or just don’t know how a lot of young people start to hustle will enjoy this read. Coming of Age touches the music aspect, because there is a mixtape, DA EZY WAY, out that accompanies the novel, set to be released in September also.

JP: As a debut author, what have you learned about yourself as a writer that you didn’t realize before writing Coming of Age?

JJ: To be brief, I learned that I can really get in my bag with a pen and pad. I also learned that this takes a lot of hard work and many revisions. Coming of Age is a good story, ya’ll are going to see. I need ya’ll to be the judge of it, though. I’m just playin’ wit’ it, and dis is just the beginning. I’m a prodigy, and this is Prodigy Publishing.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish Coming of Age?

JJ: I was in jail when I wrote Coming of Age, so I honestly didn’t take long to write this. I’d say, it took me about a month and a half, maybe two. This book is actually three years old now, but my writing process is simple: be real and give ’em the game as I know it and experienced it.

Coming of Age was strictly free-styled. I didn’t have a thought out plan or none of that. I’m just sharing the game. Da streets gon’ love it. I want people that never read an urban novel before to start picking up Jibrail Jones from here on out, solely on my name.

JP: What’s next for Jibrail Jones?

JJ: Everything, stay tuned.


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13 thoughts on “5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Jibrail Jones, author of Coming of Age”

  1. Good Morning,

    I commend you on your book first and foremost.

    As one that is always up for learning, I am looking forward to reading it and experiencing things that I don’t know as per your “writing process is simple: be real and give ‘em the game as I know it and experienced it.”

    Mr. Jones what makes your book different from others that have been written along those same lines?

    1. I would say mine is different because it represents Uptown Philly, and it gives you a idea of what drives young’nz to get in da game. Like a lot of ppl that may read it will relate to dat brotherly love they may have had with their right-hand man grow’n up get’n into trouble. It also gives ppl da game that need guidance, or need lil tips to perfect they grind, not mean’n selling drug, just being on da grind in general, there are a lot of jewels be’n drop’d in this book…

      1. I can appreciate that, sounds interesting as I am always up for expanding my knowledge and understanding.

  2. Additionally, I would like to know are you working on your next book? If so, what is it about?

    1. this is actually the 3rd book I wrote, but its the first to get publish’d, so there will be more to come in the future, insha’allah…
      there will be an excerpt of my next book at the end of this one scheduled to drop in September. But i actually have 4 books on deck.

  3. Nice interview, Jibrail. And congrats on your first publication; sounds like there will be many more. Gonna’ make sure I get this one, and then look for the others as they come out. Much success, brother! Sounds like a it will be a great read!

    1. Thanx Imani… 🙂 yes there will certainly be more to come, Inshaallah (if Allah wills it to happen)I appreciate the support, and definitely would love to hear what you think of my book Coming Of Age when it releases. Btw, feel free to comment on the website http://www.jibrailjones.com and also check for Laugh Now by Rahiem Brooks, thats a good book in stores now…

  4. Brail, I’m so proud of you homie. I’m happy to see you Coming Of Age in life not only as a title to a new novel. You are with a great team and I think that you would do great your first time around with this one. Oh yeah, I’ll be able to attend that book release party so get ready because we in there. Keep up the excellent work. Congrats to you and Rahiem. 100!!!

  5. I will be purchasing your book, Raheim book was also recommended to me by a friend . sometimes it takes a while but you seem like you will be on a roll for awhile with books and sequels.

  6. Sorry for the stock response but good interview Jibrail. I just want to read the book and see another underdog do big things. I already respect you and Rahiem. I hope yall’ leave a true mark in the urban fiction game.

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