5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… LG from the Bay, CEO of Down and Our Records

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
LG from the Bay, CEO of Down and Out Record

LG this brother is a rare breed, he runs his own successful label. Born and raised Oakland he represents the struggle, the streets and the grind.

Joey Pinkney: What do you bring to the game that is unique and truly your own in terms of music?

LG from the Bay: When it comes to music, I have no borders that keep me boxed in. I give 1,000% of my time to professionalism. Rather writing music about me, for films or theme songs about others, I take creativity to a higher height.

When it comes to music people often ask, “What makes you different from the other 99.9% of rappers?” I reply, “I enjoy making music people can relate to”. I want to make music that can put a smile on the face of a parent who just lost her son to music, that can bring back emotions and motivate a prisoner locked in a jail searching for better days.

Music that can inspire kids to not give up on their dream and do their best and music that can uplift the darkness within a rape victim to once again feel as if someone still cares. No matter the situation or subject I enjoy making music.

JP: What was the turning point for you? At what point did you decide to take the leap from employee to owner, so to speak?

LG: After being laid off a 9-5 with three kids two weeks before Christmas Day due to company budget decreasing, I realized when all things fail I will always have my talent. Grabbing a note book from the corner store, I began pouring my creative thoughts and emotions into my notebook.

I put a few songs together on a CD and started pushing my music the only way I knew best: out of the trunk. People listened to my music and always gave honest opinions. I took feedback very seriously and began setting my goal as becoming a rap artist, eventually taking full control as a business. I started my own company Down And Out Records, which landed me towards the direction I am in today.

JP: What is your end goal? At what point will you say, “OK. I made it…”?

LG: My end goal is to support my family financially by doing what I enjoy, and that’s making music. When my rent and bills can be paid on time and the refrigerator is fully stocked, when I can take my family to the store and I can afford their every need, when I can sleep comfortably at night without stressing about how we going to make it, the words “I made it” will be worth my time spent on this journey of being successful… But until that day comes, I will remain on my grind.

JP: What does your involvement in music do for you that nothing else can?

LG: My involvement gives me a piece of mind. It uplifts the weight of the world off my shoulders. Expressing my feelings is very important to me. The people very close to me know that after all the rain and pain I been through in life growing up, I could use a breath of fresh air.

Question 5: What’s next for LG?

LG: What’s next? I am currently working with my brother DJ-T-T:ME (@TACOSAUSE) on building the We Grind Hard Empire and We Grind Hard Clothing. We began to build a solid brand for independent artist.

I also would like to network with directors and make a independent film about my life. I will continue to support other indie artist throughout my movement: WEGRINDHARD!

I will continue to network with people nationwide. I will continue to put good music in the streets. I will continue to create theme songs for fashion designers, models, managers, race car drivers and more. I will continue to make music for movie soundtracks.

Like my good friend and business partner Polo The Fur King says: “Ya Gotta Go Hard.”

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4 thoughts on “5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… LG from the Bay, CEO of Down and Our Records”

  1. This interview was awesome and it is something that younger men should me able to read, in fact I was telling my grand son to come to your site and read it because we have so many young men when times get bad and they have a family to support they do not know how to get on their grind and make it happen.

    1. LG, I am so honored to have you as a guest. Your story is one that more people need to be aware of. You are the type of dude they need to hype on the news instead of the bad stuff they like to showcase.

      I am glad to have met you on the ‘net, and look forward to meeting you in person.

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