5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon, author of Nothing and Everywhere: A Moral Tale

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon, author of Nothing and Everywhere: A Moral Tale

The book’s hero, John Smith, is a poverty-stricken and regrettably named young novelist searching for a publisher.

One fine day, his shabby North London house is invaded by two masked and armed gangsters. They rob him at gunpoint, stealing the one object in his life, which is truly important and close to him: his filthy, clapped-out and battered old PC.

So the question is: why? And the problem for John is that the novel he’s just completed is on the machine and he has no other copy of the book. So he has to get it back.

Nothing and Everywhere is the story of John’s quest to reclaim his baby. Despite fear of his guru’s disapproval, two handguns and a load of cash fall into his hands. Along the way, he teams up with a motley gang of helpers. The beautiful, enigmatic mathematical genius, Susie Bellavista, a Hungarian-born, ex-RAF Regiment sergeant called Biro, and the one-time political activist and fellow-failed writer, March Klossowski.

On the journey, John explores the power and wonder of numbers in an attempt to solve an imponderable, but real life mystery.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the inspiration to write Nothing and Everywhere?

Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon: Life. I have been writing for film and TV for many years, but I have always wanted to write a novel. One night, the idea came to me in a dream.

JP: What sets Nothing and Everywhere apart from other books in the same genre?

NLG: It’s a unique combination of a thriller, a comedy and a romance. It’s wild, weird and wonderful. It’s a page-turner, but it also contains some extremely fascinating mathematics, physics and mysticism.

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that led to Nothing and Everywhere getting out to the public?

NLG: Determination, faith in the book and in my own creative powers.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take you to start and finish Nothing and Everywhere?

NLG: First the seven Ps: Proper, Planning and Preparation Prevent Piss-Poor Performance. I write every day until I’m tired. It took me 12 weeks to write.

JP: What’s next for Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon?

NLG: I am working on the screenplay version of Nothing and Everywhere while I incubate the plot for the sequel, which I am calling A Glass of Two Milks. It will involve the same characters and will be set some 15 years in the future. This will allow me to some extent to create my own world.




Nothing and Everywhere is available through Amazon and Barnes&Noble in paperback and e-book form.

I also have a dedicated website: www.gordonbooks.co.uk where you can read about the book and watch a three-minute promo video I made. I can supply signed copies direct from a link on the website. Payment is made through PayPal.

Here are some reviews of Nothing and Everywhere, which have mostly been posted on Amazon UK and USA:

“You’ve heard of books you can’t put down, well I couldn’t close this book. Compulsive reading, thoroughly enjoyable.” David Russell Smith, Film Producer.

“A rip-roaring success.” Kate Archard.

“You are a very funny writer”‘ Kathy Harty, Producer.

“Nothing is as it seems and nothing is subject to the usual laws of reality in this book, peppered by snippets of advanced mathematics, deep spiritual truth and cosmic science, as well as a whole belly-full of hilarious action and real laughter.” Alastair McNeilage, Author.

Nothing and Everywhere is thoroughly entertaining – humorous and tough by turns.” Will Shutes, Writer and Art Historian.

“I found this story gripping and very readable.  Piers Jessop.” Film Director.

“Exquisite, enlightening prose!” Pasquale Falbo, US National Guard Fighter Pilot.

“There are so many pearls of wisdom contained in this book. I am going to have to read it again.” Jimmy Audrey, Author.

“I really enjoyed this book. It’s quirky and it captured my attention.” Samantha Mills, Yoga Teacher.

“Pacy and entertaining. It’s very engaging and leaves me wondering what will happen next.’ William Rood, Author and artist.

“It’s strong on dialogue with a sense of screenplay as befits a film-maker.” Mike Pitman, Author.

Nothing and Everywhere is certainly an original work and I can well see it being picked out and celebrated as such.” Damien Enright, Author.

“I laughed at this book’s subtle irony.” Adrian Haggard, Writer and Comedian.

“A mystery, action-adventure tale that features a beautiful female character who can’t quit explaining the most esoteric aspect of mathematics quickly grabbed my attention. There’s something erotic about a lovely lass who smells of a meadow and, as a conversational gambit, opens with, “And what about pi, John?” Irresistible. Not limited to higher math, the love interest in this fast-paced novel, which often reminded me of John Buchan at his best, can also riff on Nicola Tesla and classical music. It’s no wonder that John Smith, our protagonist, is smitten within minutes of meeting Susie Bellavista. All the characters in this very cinematic quest to find a lost computer are intriguing, including the two handguns that take on philosophical importance. The Sig and Beretta are crucial and play an important role. Clearly, the author has a wide range of interests and experience that play out in the action, conversations, digressions, dreams and discussions that make Nothing and Everywhere: A Moral Tale a lively, entertaining read. I sped through it in a single sitting, which is the highest compliment I can bestow on a writer.” Randy Smith, Writer.

“Brilliant.” Clare Callan, Fashion Designer.

“The hero’s computer, containing his life’s work, is stolen somewhat violently from under his nose by two unusual thugs. In a desperate attempt to track down the computer from local skips, in the vicinity of his meagre lodgings, he draws in a motley crew to help. Thus begins an allegorical adventure, worthy of an epic western. When a strong and beautiful leading lady appears on the horizon and enters the fray, Nothing and Everywhere edges into question our place in nature and indeed the universe, through a mathematical vision. But this is no simple love story. The author does not shy away from the contradictions and insights of a drug fuelled philosophy, sown in from bygone days. The spiritual element, forming the backbone of the narrative, explores a hard-boiled 21st-century cocktail, of guns, money, fractals, wars and gurus! Nothing and Everywhere is a fast paced, cosmic romp that keeps you gripped till the end.” Matthew Scurfield, Author and Actor.

“Just finished this lovely novel – I found I was eking it out at the end, as I always do with books I love and don’t want to end. Lots of love, laughter and enlightenment within the pages of this book in palatable bite-size chapters. It is well researched and brilliantly written. I felt uplifted and pulled along by its feel-good factor. Thoroughly recommend.” Daisy Graham. Film and Video Producer.

“This novel was my first encounter with the author’s work and I’m so impressed that, although I’ve read thousands of books, I am writing my first review. Nothing and Everywhere is innovative, imaginative, and thoroughly gripping reading, taking the reader on a wild journey through the British Isles. A brilliant female mathematician is a bonus heroine, teamed with an unpredictable, unpublished author who violated the first rule of electronic media: backup your work!!! I now find myself searching for other things that he has done (and finding an extremely varied portfolio).” Carol A Weiss, Mathematician.

“I read this at one sitting. A fantastic eclectic mix, of not only a ripping yarn, with a nod to Chandler, (He reminded me of an ingrown toenail. He was sort of bent in on himself and somewhat discoloured), and John Buchan, amongst others, but with wonderful nuggets of philosophy, mysticism, mathematics and physics. It is not often one can find a book that is at one and the same time an entertaining romantic thriller, with allusions ranging from the lyrics of Dylan to Wallander’s dog, but also with real insights into the eternal imponderables of Life. It was an unexpected bonus to now have a much better grasp of fractals.”‘ Alistair Findlay, Actor.

“Wow what a great book! I had to read it all without putting it down, full of adventure and suspense, I like how this book Nothing & Everywhere captured my imagination. It felt like I was almost there amongst the adventurous gang, well written and thought out, must have taken a while to research. A great read well done Nigel a big thumbs up. The book would make a great movie.” Steve Call, Film Maker and Script Writer.

“A great holiday read – the story is contemporary and original moving along at a cracking pace with good dialogue and engaging characters. There are fascinating references to consciousness, mathematics and philosophy so that the page is never humdrum. This entertaining first novel begs for a sequel.” Shelagh Bocking.

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