5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Ron Knight

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Ron Knight, contributor of UPAuthors.com

Author of thirteen adult fiction novels, five tween/elementary books, three help guides for authors, the originator of Untraditional Publishing, co-founder of UP Authors and creator of over twenty-five board games for both children and adults.

Joey Pinkney: Where do most newbie authors get it wrong in terms of misconceptions of the publishing industry that hold them back?

Ron Knight: Authors are taught that rejection is part of the publishing process. I don’t believe that is true. If an author puts themselves in the position to succeed, they will. This is done by excelling in reading, writing, marketing, and studying the publishing industry.

JP: After being in the industry for a bit, where to most “seasoned” authors fall short in terms of misconceptions of their perceived status?

RK: Authors who have been published have new pressures to deal with. It’s like starting a new job. In many cases, “seasoned” authors write novels that are pushed through the system. What happens is that their fifteenth novel is less marketable and not the same quality as their fifth novel.

JP: What drives you to inform authors about the ins and outs of the publishing industry freely on http://UPAuthors.com?

RK: I had to learn on my own, which turned into a long, hard road. If I had a mentor, it would have taken half the time. The basics of publishing have not changed in 80 years. Why keep it a secret?

Moreover, I do not want anyone to give up. It would be a shame if a brilliant author, with an entertaining book, suffered because they simply did not know what to do.

JP: A lot of people like to focus on the major changes with the book industry. In your estimation, what will stay the same – no matter what?

RK: Excelling in reading, writing, marketing, and publishing, are the four keys to having a career as an author. That will not change.

JP: What’s on the horizon for Ron Knight?

RK: Hoping to have a new publishing deal with Oceanview Publishing and release my adult fiction novels. I have a book called Untraditional Publishing, which is geared toward helping authors, to be released in February. That same month, I am releasing my first “tween” novel called, Middle Room.

This summer, I will release my fifth AC Heroes book, which is for the elementary market. Finally, I will continue to grow UP Authors, so I can reach writers who need our help.

Ron Knight’s Web Site: http://www.authorronknight.com

Blog: http://www.upauthors.com/blog

Manager, Melissa Link at Brand Eleven-Eleven: http://www.brand1111.com

Publicist, Lynnelle Mays at Mays PR: http://www.mayspr.com

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  1. What Ron Knight says in the interview does make sense. I do believe that authors have to plan their novels. I feel like have to keep readers into their work.

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