5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Sandeep Patel, author of Colours of Enlightenment

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5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Sandeep Patel, author of Colours of Enlightenment
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Colours of Enlightenment” is about a group of friends that are in brotherhood with a young scientist who has developed how to travel through time and space. The voyage of the thrilling read directs the young adults to learn new life whilst it’s lived.

Colours of Enlightenment” is set mostly in Moscow, and the friends are about to be robbed of their time. Will the scientist discover the thief’s intentions? Will the friend’s escape their own futures? Will time and history stand still to the present? Will the future develop? Sit back and read through from enlighten to enlightenment.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the inspiration to write Colours of Enlightenment?

Sandeep Patel: Colours of Enlightenment” is the final one of my three I wish to write. It fell one day when I asked ‘God’ to help with an idea of a third book. I thought of colours and pencil crayons, and from my medium of consistency from my first book I call simply, ‘black’ (peace) that I wished to write a more enlightening story.

Once I thought of my cause, the idea as a flash of lightning, as a tidal wave came to me to write Colours of Enlightenment”. The style is so uniquely written and reflected. This along with my interest in science, life, animals, religion, music and history I created Colours of Enlightenment”.

Also author T.H.White, with his thriller adventure of ‘The Once and Future King’, made me be confident in making my words critically think for making this epic adventure alive.

JP: What sets Colours of Enlightenment apart from other books in the same genre?

SXP: There are a few things in Colours of Enlightenment” that not only make the story twist and turn on itself but also as a planned approached to reading and writing reference.

This story can be read by parts listed as colours of a rainbow; 7 parts with few chapters each describing a motion in time that had developed. Whilst reading words, the reader will see the colour the chapters’ reflect as well as the context of the story. Now there’s 15 parts to the novel that are a wave of light whilst read from violet to red with neutral coloured chapters in between.

Colours of Enlightenment” can be read as parts, eg. Relationships, Math, Sports, Nutrition, Evolution, Religion, etc. to learn motions of time, or this novel can be read from start to finish as a whole story. This book is a foundation for the genre of young adult as it demonstrates that wisdom is acknowledged to work wisdom, thus wisdom can be at a young age without knowledge. One will not need to read much to be wise.

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that led to Colours of Enlightenment getting out to the public?

SXP: I have been working on the key element of : ‘what is the reference to time spent reading?’

Through 4 years now, I have been making it easier and easier to get my attention of philosophy out to the public. Overall, regardless of people reading the entire story, or all my three books (which I see developed into the foundation) that I want to focus the populations to my message, carefully constructed to last a life time on my facebook.com page.

If the message of my author angle and author (e)books be reached to all those that know fb.com but no English then that would be a success for me. SSS is the stone which I wish to place, for the poor a stone to stand, for the blessed a stone to pray. The title for my author angle had come last, the last piece of the puzzle was found to be most delightful to find and rewarding to show, “The Five Gold Rings”.

For the public, the 5GR was in a Christmas carol and spoke of 5 books from the Bible where man fell from grace. I noticed this through a spell check and amazed to realise that 5GR had to happen (or to be known) to have SSS. I’d like the public to like these “Five Gold Rings” better.

Alongside this, I see myself as practicing what I preach. From my past and since “Sand Deep” (2008), I am a better person that can handle situations better. I’ve better relations with many people and understand composure when it comes to ladies. (Women are mostly the same from baby to lady, the colours are pink, gold, black, whereas men are more, red, light, black. Plus water). I’d like to reach all generations, both genders, all reading levels, and all lyricists. I wrote this book as one the world could share together.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take you to start and finish Colours of Enlightenment?

SXP: Good question: Boast a little about this book. Now each one of my books have a different template. What I did with Colours of Enlightenment” was think how many chapters I wanted first, 50 sounded good to me. Then as Colours of Enlightenment” is unique even above any book EVER written, I developed the wave in which to construct my writing.

I drew a grid of 50 squares and lined-coloured pencil blocks of squares different colours. It was like a rainbow wave running down a spreadsheet with gaps of black in between. This process took 30 minutes. The chapters built up through research and development that finished me to a year of writing, and then a slow year of editing and re-editing. Once I finished what I had, I rested it for a week and added finishing touches and insights to the plot.

The book to be read and explored. If the book was only numbers, then it would be Soduku. There were times I didn’t enjoy writing the plot, and there were times when the words just rolled off my fingers to the keyboard. There were also times that I found surprising to tell the reader the story associated with history, like “Sports” and “Religion” chapters.

JP: What’s next for Sandeep Patel?

SXP: As a creative writer, I am not going to write anymore. I have no plans to write another story. I do have one in mind, but these three stories are so unique that they not only need to be read once or more than once, but also be followed and practiced in various ways. I wish to spend most my time painting my creations from what I saw and wrote as words. I would like to paint scenes from my second title, “A Potion”.

I would like to develop the “revolution” to an even brighter and more secure future with “The 5 Gold Rings”. I would like to really build my awareness not just as an author but as spiritualist for lifestyle, making SSS an important keystone to a bridge that unites all of us, at all ages, as all love and peace.

I would like to present 5GR to youth camps, education trust, women’s rights, security officials, basically the public/private sector, health services, to show that a man has written down forevermore an ideal to perfect life. Are not the statements true: “I wish I knew then what I know now” and “If only I had another chance I wouldn’t care to lose”? Well, repenting dwellings is what I want to ignore or forgive and allow each and every one of us to know how to live, love and adore a great life.

There is a English-Medium school in a town called Anand, Gujarat, India called Zen School. The students are from kindergarten to sixteen years and learn well. Once a year, I visit the school as Trustee and facilitate with findings. This is a brand new school and a new angle in education for the community. I am going to continue developing a class we are practicing called Modern Arts and Aesthetics. This class is being taught to explain why we are teaching English and its forthcomings.

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“Love Peace, Love God, Love One Another.

How much thanks I’ve given life before I met you that when I get to thank you then we going to see a new world. A world that we’ll always love, a life that we’ll always adore, a motive to open the future. The future is with each other, and hope you see that. Before we were different colours, now we know colours, so we do colours, shade from colours, and live to love the light.

I hope to whoops, bump, tackle into you one day.” ~ Sandeep Patel

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