5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Stephanie Renee’, Beyond Reach, LLC

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Stephanie Renee’
(Beyond Reach, LLC)

Stephanie Renee’ also known as Srcook21, is more than just another pretty face. This Hamilton, Ohio, native currently living in Dallas, TX, has had a passion for the music, dance, & the fashion industry since she was a teenager. In late 2009, Stephanie Renee’ was brought on to the Exclusive Fashion & Furs team.

Coming soon in 2010, she will work along the side Exclusive Fashion and Fur’s Ms. Prina Jackson and Fallon Seaborn on Sirius Radio. She is also preparing for the launch of her own company Beyond Reach, LLC. Never being one that is fully satisfied, Stephanie Renee’ will always go by her own personal motto “Aim high and always keep reaching”.

Joey Pinkney: What made you decide to enter the field of promotions?

Stephanie Renee’: I have always had a passion for music, dance and fashion. I knew early in life that I wanted to be involved in it. I didn’t nececcassarily want to be the person in the spot light. Also, I love to help people. That is truely my passion in life. When I get the chance to help someone in achieving their goals or pushing them to the next level, it does something for me. It motivates me because I am pushing myself as well.

JP: What has been your most interesting promotional campaign to date in terms of creativity?

SR: Actually, it is the project that I am working on now for Polo aka The Fur King of Exclusive Fashion & Furs. He has given me control over one of his new projects, and I am like a kid in a candy store. My creative juices are flowing… Plus, I am doing more than just promoting it. I will be involved in every aspect of the entire project. I don’t know how much I can say yet, just know that it will be big. Actally, that’s the only way Polo knows how to do things.

JP: Who are some of your clients, and how do you go about choosing which projects you take on?

SR: I am very picky about the people I work with and the projects I support. I was told that when you first get in the business you want to grab all the work you can get. I just can’t do it. See, I am deeper than just a promoter. I don’t just pass out flyers or host parties at the club. I research, consult, write bios, find media outlets, etc… I go above and beyond the so called “call of duty”.

I want to release some of the stress off the artist so that they can focus on thier craft. I don’t half step. I actually took promotions from my company name because I do so much more. I must support whom ever I am working with 110%. I really don’t consider them clients because we all work with each other on different projects.

Some of the people I work with are, The Furking, Maggbeatz, Prina Jackson and all of Exclusive Fashion & Furs team, Blake Baraka of The Catholic School Boys, Loyalty Promotion, EB Investments, Travis Farr of Shades by T Farr, Gina Nash (Nustyle clothing) and actor/model Michael Taylor. Those are a few of the people that I do promotional and other work with.

JP: What is a common misconception for promoter?

SR: I once heard that a promoter is someone who doesn’t have much talent, so promotion is the next best thing to being the star. I can’t speak for everyone, but that is the farthest thing from the truth for me. I have had many offers to be in videos or sing a hook. It’s flattering but not my thing. I want my success, but I’m not looking for the fame of being “the star”.

Another misconception is that promoters are vicious people with no hearts: they will step on anyone to get a head. I have been in situations and found that this is true with some people. However this is not the case for me. I am good because of my work and what I can and will do for my clients and my team. I will never make myself look better by putting other people down. Now, I am not a pushover, but I do me. That is what it is.

JP: What’s next for Stephanie Renee’?

SR: I just started my own company Beyond Reach, LLC. The core will be promotions, but my work goes beyond that. I am working on a project with The Fur King. I will also be doing Sirius radio with my Exclusive Fashion & Furs family. I am working with Blake Baraka on the release of the Cathothlic School Boys Men & Women’s clothing line.

Those are just a few things. I am always reaching for the next level. Anyone who wants to work with me must have the same mind frame. I am a motivator but not a babysitter. Stay on my level, or I will take off and leave you. I am always reaching, and I aim high.


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18 thoughts on “5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Stephanie Renee’, Beyond Reach, LLC”

  1. Thank you for your confidence in me Polo. You and the whole team truely are the best. I would also like to add that this interview was done before I became PR to one of hardest working, nonstop, greatest beatmakers in the game… Maggbeatz. I am honored to be his right hand. Thank you Joey Pinkey for the interview.

  2. Great interview! Im out here in dallas and Ms. Stephanie Renee’ is definetly doing her thing. Beauty and brains is a powerful combination. This woman is on top of her game. I wish you nothing but continued success. Shout out to Polo and the Exclusive Fashion and Furs team. Also Maggbeatz great PR choice. Keep doing you girl and keep on reaching.

  3. Yeah I concur with the furry guy. Truly something special about Stephanie. Hit the ground running is doing big things for her clients. Proud of you Scrookie! Wut Up PoLo!?

  4. WOW!!! Just Love the Desire that Stephanie has and can’t wait to see her succeed in everything she has planned. “Aim high and always keep reaching”, that motto is from someone who is not going to stop. I love it. Watch out ppl, there is a new promoter in town and she is taking over. Wish you all the best Stephanie.

  5. Steph that is so cool~! Your making it happen & given inspiration to us all. keep reaching & making it happen!

  6. Steph, I feel so honored to know a person like you. With the passion and strenght to grow above and beyond even your highest dream. You are a true inspiration too many, including myself. You know I have much love and respect for you and all you do!!!! Your the Greatest…In your life i see no boundaries there is nothing beyond your reach!!!!

  7. Stephanie, your the epitome of sincere honest professionalism with elegance. We all should emulate your integrity to suceed. Thanks for being that shoulder to lean on and that pathway to prosperity. Loyalty Promotions Inc., Farrmower Inc., & Eb Investments Llc. we salute you in the ultimate honor. Thank you…

  8. Stephanie, your motivation and dedication is an inspiration to us all! Your passion and strength will take you further than you have imagined. Keep up the good work, stay strong and keep looking up.

  9. Steph, I am beyond(see how I got your company name in there?) proud of you and what you are accomplishing. I’m equally as happy that you’re representing Hamilton in the process! For someone like me, who has dreams of my own, being able to see what you’re doing makes me know that everything is possible for those of us who have a passion for our dreams! One Love.

  10. My lil cuz is doing Big Things so yal better get ready!I am so proud of her for doing something she loves and is so passionate about.I enjoyed the interview and if she wan’t family, I would have thought she had been doing this for a lot longer than she has. She is very professional and has her eyes on the prize and she will get it. Please believe that!Luv U cuz

  11. Hey Read the inteview, very impressed, but you carry that with you at all the times. If you keep reaching, you must be impressive, or their is nothing to reach or impress. So go on, keep doing what you say. After all this is Beyond reach some of everyone wanted to do it, but you got it. I say women do it. Because we are…… smart like that. So here’s to how smart you are. My word to you, I will keep reaching beyond the reach. (endless)
    because you Impressed me today. Michelle

  12. Wow! I read the interview and I am very proud of you Stephanie. You are a great person and will do great things in life Steph! Congrats on everything you’ve accomplished so far!

  13. Very impressed, very impressed! Keep up the good work, and much success to you in the future. With your determination, anything is possible. Keep it going kinfolk!

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