5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Vivian Gale, author of Fart in the Wind

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5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Vivian Gale, author of Fart in the Wind
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Fart in the Wind is a comical and inspirational self-help book about letting go. It’s an emotional and spiritual guide on successful and graceful communication with anyone. We hold in our gas like we hold on to our fears. It compares the act and response to farting to the act and response to sharing honest feelings, shock, embarrassment and desires to run from the scene.

In this book , you’ll learn tried and tested ways of communicating with grace! What type of farter are you? Find out in Fart in the Wind!

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write Fart in the Wind?

Vivan Gale: Being a counselor sixteen years now, and dealing with my own children and family, I came to see firsthand how difficult it is to tell people that there is “something wrong.” Indeed, all they hear is “Oh my God,  something’s wrong with me.”

It’s no fun for anybody to hear, but some people are petrified to hear it. They will fight, argue and turn it back to you. They’ll cause so much drama whenever a suggestion of their imperfection comes to light that you’ll go with fear and trepidation.

Who teaches how to confront in healthy ways? Parents, teachers, friends? Nobody. There is no setting in which it is traditionally taught. For these reasons, I made this book the strongest communication tool you’ll ever use.

JP: What made you decide to go with such a colorful title?

VG: My eldest, late sister would kick you outside here house if you passed gas. Her whole face and demeanor would change if you farted near her. I was scared. When I realized the response to farting was the same shock, embarrassment, anger and desire to run from the scene, I thought “I should write a book about it.” And so, I did.

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that lead to Fart in the Wind getting out to the public?

VG: Perseverance! I was advised to do everything myself by a friend who is also an self-published author. After much frustration, I ended up doing everything myself after I realized eighteen months had passed with empty promises from others.

It was an arduous learning process, and initially I was overwhelmed by it. But, my motto is: If somebody else can do it, so can I. Patience is also another part of the journey I learned along the way. Also, with my experience as a counselor, spiritual advisor and single parent of 5 children, who better to write this book?

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish Fart in the Wind?

VG: My writing process is first to be as honest, authentic and thorough as I can. I try to implement ideals and truths from perspectives the masses may have never considered. I provide some spice and get people to ask themselves questions.

I do believe that the greatest gift you can give a man is a question. It took me over 4 years to complete this book. It wasn’t a major priority until the past year. I’ve been working on my Addiction Music CD and Therapeutic Workbook alongside writing. Plus, I worked on creating a business plan. All very arduous task in themselves.

JP: What’s next for Vivian Gale?

VG: I am already working on other books including a sequel to Fart In the Wind called Please Don’t Pass The Gas. This book will examine people who are non-farters, hate farters and the consequences of doing so. My other titles I am keeping under my hat, so I don’t get scooped or duped. But, you will love them all.

They all include a Wake People Up! message and a strong yet appealing spiritual backdrop. It is my intention to utilize the rest of my career life serving humanity in the form of a helper by being an inspirational speaker, author and spiritual mentor/advisor/mid-wife; helping people heal across the globe.

Facebook: Vivian Gale

Vivian’s contributed as a writer to Newsletters, a Book called “Ferris Wheel” and Internet Blog Forums. Vivian Gale, AS. BA; has been Featured on http://take12radio.com/, http://www.12stepradio.com/ and Rain Tiger.com, and other Artistic Venues.

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