Book Review: Sin’s Iniquity by Sylvia Hubbard Book Revew
Sin’s Iniquity
by Sylvia Hubbard
4 of 5 Stars

Sin’s Iniquity, by Sylvia Hubbard, is a very intricate tale of love, a blurry past and a shaky future. The main character, Sinclaire McGentry, is at the center of a whirlwind that whisks her out of her comfort zone that was not so comforting to begin with. Not satisfied with her plus-sized figure, she is very subconscious of her appearance. She easily hides behind her pursuit of a law degree and maintaining a house out of which she rents rooms.

Sinclaire McGentry’s self-hatred stemmed from her mother’s loose and frivolous lifestyle and total disregard of any stage of Sinclaire’s life or well-being. Loyal almost to a fault, Sinclaire respectfully tolerates her mother and stays by her side. With an MBA already achieved, she is focused on finishing her law degree quickly and moving in that higher tax bracket.

In almost a Cinderella fashion, Sinclaire is juxtaposed by a twin sister and a mother that treat her with the utmost rudeness but rely on her for everything. Using each and every opportunity to degrade and demean her, Annelle and her mother Mel (short for Amelia) use and verbally abuse her with no regard. Sinclaire has grown so uses to this type of treatment that she absorbs it and moves on much quicker than I can, a testament to Ms. Hubbard’s intense writing style.

A chance meeting with Dwight Goodman at her part-time job in a clothing boutique totally messes up her already precarious feng shui. The mixture of trying to focus on her law degree, dealing with her belief that she’s just “fat and ugly” and a strong desire for Dwight drives the dazzling energy of this novel, making Sinclaire’s life fuller.

Like metal grinding on flint stone, the sparks flicker and fly each time Dwight and Sinclaire communicates. The obvious connection is as strong as, if not stronger than, Sinclaire’s resistance. Sinclaire also deals with her hidden use of cutting to ease her pain.

As Dwight chips away at Sinclaire’s emotional walls, the plot twists of Sin’s Iniquity spread out and sink deeper and deeper in complexity. Why is this obviously successful and intensely handsome white man interested in an intimate dinner with a full-figured, black woman? Where is the balance between a business man’s opulence and a busy woman’s obstacles? Why is Dwight so adamant to secure Sinclaire’s love? Why is Mel getting such a large sum of money annually? Who is out to kill Dwight by any means possible?

As Sinclaire grows comfortable with a sexuality that was once severely repressed, her loyalty naturally shifts from her mother to Dwight, as there love grows. She must also piece together a history she had no clue in which she plays an integral part. Hubbard’s depth as a writer of multiple books allows her many tools to make it interesting for her readers. One tool in her writing arsenal is a cast of characters from previously published works. To that effect, she brought members of some of the most sinister families this side of the Devil himself. The Heart family has a presence in other books by Hubbard, and she uses them to great effect.

The reader will be quick to figure out that things are not what they seem with Sinclaire and her immediate family. The challenge becomes figuring out what is real and also being able the seriousness of the truths and the lies. Hubbard has created an intricate plot that is as hard to pick apart as the combination to a Master Lock. Sometimes this can be a bit much, as the plot twists can become to complex to easily keep track up. This is especially true when more than one character explain their view of the findings.

Whether or not Sinclair would graduate and pass the bar becomes less important than who she really is and how she will survive amidst the maelstrom of Dwight’s dangerous life. As she finds out more about business affairs beyond the legal and safe, Sinclair learns that there is more than meets the eye with her sister and mother, and even her mother’s boyfriend.

Sylvia Hubbard has packed enough plot twists and character developments to give you more than your money’s worth of a reading adventure. Get your copy and learn more about Sin’s Iniquity.

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