Inside the Literary Mind of… Allison Grace, author of “Menage,” from the anthology “Sticky Situations 3”

Joey Pinkney Exclusive Author Interview
Inside the Literary Mind of…
Allison Grace, author of Menage, from Sticky Situations 3 anthology
(Sticky Books)
Kassidy, Natalia, and Malachi are an uncomfortable trio. Sometimes your friend loves you for you. Other times, your friend loves you for what you can offer them. Natalia finds out the hard way what it means when the space in a menage gets overcrowded.
Joey Pinkney: With the relaunch of the Sticky Situations brand, what would you like to see happen during this part of the brand’s journey?
Allison Grace: I am proud to be apart and hope that with this relaunch we are catapulted into the spotlight. We deserve it.

JP: Love triangles draw in erotica readers like moths to a flame. What is something that will surprise your readers the most about the sticky situation between Kassidy, Natalia, and Malachi’s?
AG: I can’t say. All I can do is yell PLOT TWIST and wink.
JP: If you had to be quarantined for 14 days with either Kassidy, Natalia, or Malachi, who would you pick? (And why?) Who would you not want to be stuck in the house with?
AG: Natalia sounds like she would be fun. She’s a timid sweetheart. If I wanted to drink, I would choose Kassidy. Malachi would give me sex all-day.
JP: Menage is similar in title and theme to your contribution to Sticky Situations 2Trois. The number 3 seems to be a recurring theme. With that said, what are the three most important aspects of your erotica stories?
AG: Sensuality, sexuality, suspense.
JP: What is your favorite part of the process of participating in Sticky Situations 3?
AG: My favorite part is creating and hitting the end on my story.