Inside the Literary Mind of… Forever Redd, author of “The Velvet Trail,” from “Sticky Situations 3” anthology

Joey Pinkney Exclusive Author Interview
Inside the Literary Mind of…
Forever Redd, author of “The Velvet Trail,” from “Sticky Situations 3” anthology
(Sticky Books)

He saw her and was aroused by her beauty. She saw him and was instantly dampened with curiosity. A simple drink in a crowded bar fueled the fire for flames in the bedroom. Alcohol, desire and spontaneity lead two strangers down a trail ending in orgasmic bliss.
They shared their bodies but never their names. In the wake of tomorrow, he wanted her and she wanted him, but all they had were the memories of last night. Soft and warm; hard and rigid was the trail they followed that led them back to the bedroom.
Joey Pinkney: What are some of the things you have learned about yourself that you didn’t know or consider before your explorations into the erotica genre?
Forever Redd: I never knew how complex sex could get. My mind has been opened to so many different forms/styles of sexual gratification. It’s amazing to see the heights of pleasure.

JP: Which character will your readers be able to relate to the most between the man and the woman in The Velvet Trail?
FR: The Velvet Trail is written from both a man’s and a woman’s perspective. The main characters are very relatable, as their feelings are described.
JP:  How did you come up with the title of this story? How does the title tie into the plot of the story, and how did you pick that topic as one of the plot points of this story?
FR: I came up with the title based off of the storyline: the hunt, the search, the mission. The Velvet Trail ties into the story in various forms. Their skin is soft and warm, just like velvet. Using clues from their encounter, the main characters establish a trail to find each other. On the erotic side, the velvet trail is the path taken to reach orgasmic bliss.
JP: What is one of the things The Velvet Trail is about outside of the sexual?
FR: Two people meeting for the very first time wasn’t sexual. I used nature as their guide. Of course the story has sexual points, but I wanted the main focus to be people being themselves and enjoying life. We as humans place artificial time-restraints on this or that, but when opportunity knocks…
JP: Where is the sexiest please you’ve had the pleasure of writing?
FR: The sexiest place I’ve had the pleasure of writing was my boss’s bedroom.