Inside the Literary Mind of… Angel Mechelle, author of “Wife in Law,” from “Sticky Situations 1” anthology

Joey Pinkney Exclusive Author Interview
Inside the Literary Mind of…
Angel Mechelle, author of “Wife in Law” from “Sticky Situations 1” anthology
(Sticky Books)

Young and finally on her own, Jamie thinks she is living the life as a full-time nanny to Markus and Gwen’s two children. There is one thing that would make Jamie’s life much better, and she’s willing to do almost anything to get it – including sleeping with Markus right under his wife’s nose.
Markus believes he is the luckiest man on Earth by getting to have his cake and eat it too. His young, attractive nanny fulfills his needs. In this “sticky situation,” everyone should be careful of what they wish for because they just might get it and more.
Joey Pinkney: What aspect of this love triangle have your readers found the most intriguing about this story?
Angel Mechelle: Readers are intrigued by the absolute boldness of the characters in the triangle.

JP: The line between opportunity and exploitation is often blurred in the mind of a person who wants to have his cake and eat it, too. Where did you find the inspiration for your contribution to the first installment of the Sticky Situations anthology series?
AM: The title was actually a play off of an old Busta Rhymes song. But the idea came from my twisted imagination. I’m always pushing the lines of dysfunctional relationships in all of my stories.
JP: What is your favorite romance/erotica trope to either read or use in your own writings?
AM: I love the idea of “functional dysfunction.” It works, and it’s a real thing.
JP: What does the Sticky Situations anthology series bring to the table? And how does your writing style(s) fit with the direction of the brand?
AM: I love everything about the Sticky Situations brand. There is really something for everyone. The authors are extremely talented and creative. Each writer has a unique style and voice, and I believe that is what makes great reading.
JP: If you could have your favorite actors and actresses play the roles of Jamie, Markus, and Gwen, who would they be? And what aspect of each character would they individually be best at portraying?
AM: I don’t know why I want to see Charlamagne tha God play Markus, LOL. This is a hard question though I’ve never really thought about it. I’m not sure which great actresses would do the characters justice. If my dream making of my stories into movies were to come to pass, I’d probably be more likely to give an unknown, talented newbie an opportunity the same way someone did for me! Does that make sense?