Inside the Literary Mind of… Sandra Nicole, author of “Rent Money” from “Sticky Situations 3” anthology

Joey Pinkney Exclusive Author Interview
Inside the Literary Mind of…
Sandra Nicole, author of Rent Money from Sticky Situations 3 anthology
(Sticky Books)

Well, Rodney and Kari Lee are willing to do whatever they can to keep a roof over their heads, even have sex on screen for money. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? In this story, you meet a hard-working, middle-class family who falls on hard times when the husband’s job is shipped overseas. Now, faced with bills, mounting debt, and kids to raise, the couple must find a way to make ends meet.

Kari runs into an old flame at the grocery store who presents both her and her husband with a Sticky Situation too good to refuse. How far are they willing to go to pay the rent?

Joey Pinkney: Sometimes erotica is more sensual. Sometimes it is purely sexual. Where does A Fatal Affair fall on the erotica continuum between sensual and sexual?

Sandra Nicole: A Fatal Affair is purely sexual. It starts out with a man who is lonely and just wants to release some sexual tension. It turns into something more sensual on the part of the woman with whom he’s cheating. She starts to view it as the two of them making love rather than just having sex.

JP: How does A Fatal Affair build upon your previous experience with writing erotica?

SN: All of my stories have erotic components in them, which is something I think my readers have come to expect from anything that I write. I try not to make it to where it becomes strictly porn, but far enough to where it can evoke sexual desires in the reader.

JP: With A Fatal Affair, you have placed a story in each of the anthologies in the “Sticky Situations” series. What has your experience been with the brand? What are you excited about this time around with the release of your story and this anthology?

SN: I have enjoyed writing my contributions to the series. Sometimes I found myself having tone down some things so that it didn’t become straight porn, LOL. My story shows how sex can actually put you in a sticky situation.

I love seeing how this brand has grown and evolved. I am excited about this anthology because this time we had a celebration with the release of this edition. I am proud to be a part of something that hasn’t been done before. We are setting a trend, and that is so exciting to me.

JP: What bits of advice would you give to a person who wants to write erotica in a way that does the genre justice?

SN: If you want to write erotica, make sure that you have a story line and real characters – not just straight up sex. The readers will call you out if you’re writing straight up porn.

JP: Where were you and/or what were you doing when you had the light bulb moment for this story? In what way(s) did it to in a different direction than what you were initially expecting?

SN: I was actually in the grocery store waiting to check out. Initially the story was going to center around a sex therapist. I wasn’t feeling that story line, so I decided to go with this new story line.