Inside the Literary Mind of… Sh’Moore, author of “Feast from Famine” from “Sticky Situations 3” anthology

Joey Pinkney Exclusive Author Interview
Inside the Literary Mind of…
Sh’Moore, author of Feast from Famine from Sticky Situations 3 anthology
(Sticky Books)

What happens when you have a “Magic Jock” that’s not performing You end up in a standoff between a boss chick and an alpha male.

Enter Donique Tyler and Devrick McGregor, two business savvy executives that refuse to fold. When Donique has to enforce the terms of Magic Jock’s contract, Devrick enters to his rescue. But life won’t be that simple during these negotiations. Devrick begins to set his sights on more than just accomplishing the mission … conquest is on his mind. Donique can’t see what could be because she is scarred by what has been.

While these two dance with love’s possibilities, “Magic Jock” has decided to take matters into his own hands, and his hands are vengefully reckless. Seeking out to hurt Donique more than life already has, he attempts to show her exactly how he feels.

Feast from Famine is a romantic tale of how love and healing can conquer all.

Joey Pinkney: Love can easily turn into lust in the most unexpected situations. How is that typified in Feast from Famine?

Sh’Moore: I mean, humans eat with their eyes first, right? Some actually stay connected long enough to experience what hearts do. In Feast from Famine, you will see what starts out as a feasting of the eyes turn into a desire for hearts’ happiness. The idea of trust is recurrent throughout this story. When it matters most, trustworthiness actually brings desires to a place where love is more important.

JP: What was it about the idea of Feast from Famine that kept you on the edge of your seat as you wrote it to completion?

SM: Writing Feast from Famine pushed me to convey an honest “look” to mental health. In respecting what it takes to embrace our stories and truly seek out help, writing this one made me take time to show that there actually is no single universal “look” to mental illness/health. I had to place all of the aspects of life neatly around the characters so that the reader felt those parts of the story line were relative. It was definitely a place that I had to be careful creating.

JP: Who are some of the boss-chicks and alpha-males you used to pattern your characters DoniqueTyler and Devrick McGregor after? What are the backstories for their names? Are there any hidden symbolisms?

SM: The two boss characters, Donique and Devrick, are a mix of all of the various behaviors I see when I am around those who hold powerful potions. Many leaders have common traits that allow them to standout as leaders, but none are replicas. I was just sprinkling a little of this with a little of that and mixing the pot. No hidden symbolism in their names, but definitely in their characterization and how they interact. Wonder if the readers will find it?

JP: Describe how you feel about being a part of the “Sticky Situations” brand relaunch. What should the readers be on the lookout for?

SM: I am so honored to be in a group of amazing authors whose works and reputations speak volumes for the industry and being women. It has been a learning experience and a pleasure to participate, learn and grow with and from them. Watching all of the excitement and celebration surrounding the brand’s relaunch makes me proud to be a small part of such a huge project!

The readers better be ready to be pulled into these adventurous worlds for hours. They may need to set alarms so that they don’t lose sight on reality while locked inside of our fantasies… or not!

JP: This question comes in celebration of the relaunch of the brand with Sticky Situations 3: What are three traits of the story’s alpha male Devrick McGregor that will make people who love to read about alpha sticky?

SM: Devrick McGregor’s charm, control, and determination will be the envy of many guys and the desire of many ladies. He will prove to be the type of man who sets the bar high for any alpha male that seeks out a boss chic! He sends the message to the fellas, “Cum hard or go home… alone!”