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Joey Pinkney on Ajuelle Floyd’s blogtalkradio show Book Talk, Creativity and Family Matter with Alvin Romer on 04-18-09

Peace in the Storm Publishing is gearing up to release an anthology entitled The Soul of a Man. I am a contributor with a short story entitled “Like Father, Like Son”. (Released Father’s Day 2009)

I was a guest on Ajuelle Floyd’s blogtalkradio show, Book Talk, Creativity and Family Matter. Alvin Romer, a fellow contributor, was also on the show with Ms. Floyd and I.

On the show, we discussed:

  • the state of African-Americans in America
  • how African-American men and women compare/contrast ourselves from Eurocentric men and women
  • the pervasive state of narcicism in American culture
  • the culture of family in African-American communities and how that differs from other societies
  • and much, much more…

Oh yeah, we talked about our contributions to the anthology and how The Soul of a Man plays a larger role in the power of African-American men in American Literature.

Listen to the whirlwind discussion between Ms. Floyd, Mr. Romer and I.


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