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Happy Birthday Joey Pinkney… 1-2-12

Today is my birthday.

Because of my sense of humor, I posted this random statement:

“Happy Birthday to Joey Pinkney from the staff of JoeyPinkney.com: Me, Myself and I.”

I was overwhelmed by the response that it got from my associates and friends on Twitter and Facebook. No matter how artificial people make online connections and friends out to be, there are some genuine, heartfelt birthday wishes that floated my way.

My mother called me. It doesn’t get any more genuine than that. And she pointed something out to me. Today is 1-2-12, as one “one two, one two.” I like stuff like that!

I decided to flex my poetry/rap skills with this short ditty:

One two, one two…
It’s JP. In the place to be…
And it goes a little something like this…

Life is a treasure, a pleasure that is measured
in forever getting better and giving up never
Trips around the sun, having fun is number one
It’s not about the end, it’s what you do before your done
To see another January Second is a blessing
Live long and prosper and learn from life’s lessons
I’ve cried tears through the years and laughed more than often
Won some, lost some, yet God’s gift is awesome

copyrap 2012 Joey Pinkney