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5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Jarold Imes, author of I Used To Love H.E.R. (The Soul of a Man Edition)

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… (The Soul of a Man Edition)
Jarold Imes, author of “I Used To Love H.E.R.”
(Peace In The Storm Publishing)

About “I Used To Love H.E.R.”: Calvin Rice must find a way to move on after learning that the love of his life has had an affair and is leaving him for another man. Will he stay true to his faith in God or will he succumb to the temptation of the flesh to get revenge.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write “I Used to Love H.E.R.”?

Jarold Imes: I have been wanting to write a book about “The Street Disciples Ministry” and its members ever since I got saved five years ago. I feel like this was an assignment from The Lord, and I have been blessed to see some books and some of the short stories about the members come to light. This story allowed me to focus on a character many of my readers love and oft times, love to hate.

Calvin is one of my most unique characters because he’s made appearances in several of my teen novels, most notably Worth Fighting 4 and Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number. He is also finally getting his own teen book called Nothing Is 4 Nothing.

“I Used to Love H. E. R.” allowed me to explore his life as an adult, especially given the situation he found himself in at the end of Worth Fighting 4. I also wanted to tackle the subject of love and divorce from a male’s point of view.

Most importantly, I cover divorce from a spiritual point of view. I feel like every time a divorce happens, the male’s voice is always silenced or the male is made into some evil monster. Men are never shown to be victims of infidelity, abuse and other domestic issues; even though it happens more times than we want to admit. I wanted to show his frustrations and vulnerability.

JP: What has been your personal experience in being a part of The Soul of a Man Anthology?

JI: I have been blessed to be part of both The Soul of a Man and its predecessor The Triumph of My Soul. I got joy in being able to tithe my talent and my time to write stories that give glory to Him and show real people struggling with real issues and their faith and how He pulls them through.

Being part of these anthologies have also motivated me to write my first Christian fiction novel and given me a platform in which to share my God given talents and to write more spiritual based fiction in not just in my Christian fiction works, but in all the genres I write in.

JP: What is your most memorable moment of The Soul of a Man in terms of what has been expressed of you by someone who has had a chance to read this book?

JI: I’m always asked if Calvin is going to get his own book or if he is going to have other opportunities to tell his story. The short answer to the question is yes, he will. A lot of readers who enjoyed the story liked the fact that I tackled divorce from a man’s point of view and the conflict he had with getting a divorce and his faith.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish “I Used to Love H.E.R.”?

JI: As I’ve grown as an author, I find that I am apt to apply different writing processes to different novels, depending on the genre I’m writing at the time. Outlining and doing story boarding works for some of the novels I write. For others, I have a vision or a sequence of dreams, and I write down what I see and hear. I’ve written down outlines I haven’t touched in years, and I have taken chapters, thoughts, opinions I’ve written years ago and found ways to improve and incorporate them in other bodies of work.

Short stories that are 2,000 to 15,000 words are usually written off the top of my head and completed in a few days to a week. With “I Used to Love H.E.R.”, this story was written in two parts. The first four chapters were written in three days and submitted first, and the second four chapters were written in a week about a month or so after wards. So my story was actually two submissions (thank you, Elissa).

JP: What is next for Jarold Imes?

JI: I’m looking to take my literary career in a different direction. I’ve spent most of the last four years publishing and promoting young adult books and Christian fiction. I still want to do that, but I have interests outside of these genres that I have begun actively exploring as well.

Right now, I’m working on two books that will most likely be the very last Jarold Imes teen novels, The Thing About Love and Nothing 4 Thing. Most of my Jarold Imes teen novels deal with social issues and are primarily geared to young men.

I am currently working on a set of teen books under a pseudonym that will be geared to both male and female readers. At this moment, I am not one hundred percent sure what the new name will be that I will write under. My street themed Christian fiction titles are being republished under the pseudonym Isaiah David Paul.

As I am finishing Street Disciples, which will contain my story “I Used to Love H.E.R”. I am also redoing parts of He Changed The Game, so I can release a new version with new and expanded chapters. I hope to start seeing my Christian fiction work back on the market late 2011 or early 2012.

http://www.isaiahdavidpaul.com/ – My Website/Blog for my faith based works.
http://www.ourteenvoices.com/ – My Young Adult Literary Blog
http://www.abednegosfree.com/ – My publishing house where I publish young adult and contemporary adult fiction of many genres.




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5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Marlon McCaulsky and Jarold Imes, authors of the Love & Life anthology

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Marlon McCaulsky and Jarold Imes, authors of Love & Life
(Abednego’s Free)

marlon mccaulsky jarold imes love and life on amazondotcom

Popular Street Lit Author Marlon McCaulsky teams up with OurTeenVoices.com Editor Jarold Imes to bring two novellas that focus on two of the most things most teens are concerned with… love and life.

“Real Love” by Marlon McCaulsky

When Raina’s family is uprooted from Cleveland to St. Petersburg, FL, she immediately becomes the new “it girl” at Lakewood High School aka “Hollywood High” that every guy wants. She becomes the envy of the snobbish and popular Lissa while catching the eye of her boyfriend Dan.

With friends like Sheena (the self confessed shopaholic), Marcus (the smart-ass jock) and Cory (the wannabe playa), Raina firmly establishes her place at Hollywood High. Can Raina compete with Lissa who is willing to use sex, lies and manipulation to get what she wants. Is real love enough to keep the boy she loves?

“Love No Limit” by Jarold Imes

Dre Lawson has to be everything to everyone: the apple in his father’s eye, whom happens to be the leader of one of the notorious gangs in North Carolina; father to his trifling sister’s son; and leader of his own gang set. Never mind the fact that he still has to do chores and make good grades while running the streets.

When the woman of his dreams finally stakes her claim, what lengths will Dre go to find that love has no limit?

Joey Pinkney: Both of you are well known for your previous releases. How did you go about teaming up with each other for Love & Life?

Marlon McCaulsky: Well, it was Jarold that reached out to me about doing a project together. I was between books, and he came to me with the idea of doing an anthology type book together based on romance. I immediately jumped on it.

Jarold Imes: We met via the Triple Crown Publication forums. I approached Marlon to help me grow and expand the company Abednego’s Free. I had originally approached Marlon about doing a different anthology. When he sent “Real Love”, I told him it wouldn’t fit the concept. However, I felt the story was strong enough to complement another story I had written some years ago. I felt we could do this as a two author anthology instead.

JP: What are the things that differentiate Love & Life from others in its genre?

JI: As far as I know, Love & Life is the first, modern two author anthology for teens. I don’t think there has ever been a two author anthology like ours, especially a street lit anthology that is age appropriate for teens. My teen books have always been strong enough for adults and made for teens and I think we have a project that all can enjoy.

MM: This is my first venture into the teen book market. I didn’t originally write this story with the mind set this is a “teen book”. I just had a story in my head to get out, and it happens to be teenagers in high school that made it work. What differentiate “Real Love” from others in its genre is that I set this story in 1994 to 1995, so it’s kind of a throw back-story. This was the time period I was in high school. I see this story as being a “Teenage Love Affair” written for adults LOL…

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish “Real Love” and “Love No Limit” for Love & Life?

MM: I wrote “Real Love” back in 2003 as a screenplay for a movie I wanted to do. The movie thing never happened, but I loved the story. I kept writing on it over the years, and it became a novella. When Jarold came to me about this project, it was really already done. I just needed to clean it up a bit.

“Real Love” was based on some real life events. Some names have been changed to protect the people involved, and some names weren’t! It was funny to write because of the truth in some of the scenes, although the story itself is fiction.

JI: I write whatever I feel, be it a short story, an article/commentary, participating in different message boards where I try to spread knowledge or just working on my own novels. I always try to write something so I can keep my voice new and fresh.

“Love No Limit” is based on a short story I wrote twelve years ago about a gang member. I wrote it while I was writing what would become Never Too Much – The Remix and U Can’t Break Me. It only took me six weeks to add to the story for what would become Love & Life.

JP: Are you both Mary J. Blige fans? Is it a coincidence that both of the titles are also the title of Mary J. Blige songs?

JI: I’ve liked Mary since she first came out in 1990 when she sang the hook “I’ll Do 4 U” for Father MC. Also, What’s the 411? is the soundtrack to my life in Denver, Colorado.

Marlon’s story was already called “Real Love” when he sent it to me. Mary’s first album was what I thought of when I read his story. I named my story “Love No Limit”, so it could tie into the Love & Life theme we felt both of our stories had.

MM: I am definitely a Mary J fan. I wanted the reader to know that real love was what was really happening between Raina and Dan’s character. Plus, my story is set in that 90s era. It made sense to call my story that. Jarold decided to run with the idea of using Mary’s song titles as a theme of the book.

JP: What’s next for Abednego’s Free?

MM: All I can say is big things are on the way. Jarold is the mastermind behind Abednego’s Free, so he knows more than I do. As for myself, I just hope to continue to give my fans more good books to read. Thank you, Joey!

JI: I will finally get to live my dream and publish a few anthologies. Lord knows I’ve been trying to create one since 1999 when I first came on the scene. Now it’s coming true. Broken But I’m Healed, my inspirational anthology that I’m still collecting submissions for, will come out in October. Love & Life drops on Black Friday.

The Boy is Mine is an anthology featuring my first author, Victoria Vanee Anderson, and a few other friends of mine. That comes out the end of January. Victoria’s first book, Just Me & You, comes out in March. My next teen book, Case of the Fake People, will come out in April. I’m still working on my book now and another anthology project that I can’t talk about just yet.

I hope to begin work on my next Street Christian Lit title next month so I can drop it in 2010 too. Plus, I’m still taking submission for young adult books as well.


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