Exclusive Sneak Peek of Fat Kills II by K. Reid

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Either way, it is time to immerse yourself into one of the most perplexing world of words created. (Read my book review and also my interview for K. Reid’s Fat Kills to see what the fuss is about.)

“After the mental break down, after the emotional break up, after being broken down to nothingness… Mia Nickole Rose is back to give you more. More drama, more psychosis, more DMV and much, much more of what made Fat Kills a literary landscape like no other.” ~ Joey Pinkney

Read this excerpt of Fat Kills II by K. Reid, and get a taste of what may become one of your favorite books of 2012.



I’ve tried to start this conversation face to face on more than one occasion but I can’t. Whenever I look into your eyes my words catch in my throat. It seems we are a family of writers these days so I decided to write you this letter instead.

I can’t do this anymore. You’re not the same Mia I fell in love with, and before you roll your eyes and mutter “people change,” I really want you to hear me out. The Mia I fell in love with was a happy, lighthearted person. You used to be so happy. After the incident, I tried to be there for you but it’s like you shut down permanently. You think I don’t notice that you are completely in your own world? I notice…we all notice.

I’ve always been able to pull through and remind myself this is my wife, my babe, my everything. I can’t do that anymore. What you’ve done to Michelle…what you said to me…that’s she not my child?? How could you ever fix your lips to say that to me? Michelle has always and will always be my daughter. I don’t care what some lawyer or the courts say.

For what it’s worth, I loved you more than I loved myself. But I guess that’s why I’m in this situation.

I can’t do this anymore. I’m leaving you.


A sense of calm fell over the dim bedroom. Eric took a mental picture of the space and closed his eyes. He dropped the letter on one of the twin nightstands. Pictures of himself and Michelle at various ages covered his nightstand. He carefully took the pictures out of the welded metal frames.

Tears threatened to drop from his eyes but he blinked rapidly, forcing them to retreat. He grabbed his duffle bag from floor and unzipped the side pocket. He carefully slid the photos inside and walked out of his bedroom of the last 8 years. Eric walked in a trance through the hallway and stopped once he reached Michelle’s bedroom.

The tears won the battle.

He cried silently as he walked through Michelle’s room. Staring at her posters on the walls, her small trophies and her keyboard in the corner overwhelmed him. Eric’s jaw clenched, signaling it was time for him to go. He briskly walked out of Michelle’s room and walked down the stairs. The soft plush almond carpet welcomed each step. When he reached the hardwood floor his shoes squeaked slightly. The squeak squeak squeak lasted for 45 seconds as he walked down the hallway towards the den.

The smell of marijuana seemed to slap him out of nowhere, luring him in the den, even though he’d never been a smoker. It was her luring him as always. As hard as he tried to fight, he still desired her. She had bewitched him, held him in a trance for years, always knowing the right words to say, always keeping up her facade. He stood in the doorway staring at the back of the brown leather sectional facing the TV. An old video of Mia at a house party played on the screen. Eric tried to speak but he couldn’t turn away from the video. Eventually his eyes drifted from the screen and rested on the back of Mia’s head.

“I thought you lost those videos?” Eric asked in a deep voice.

“Nope,” Mia replied with her back to Eric. Her lips pulled the jay and she lazily reached over to ash it in a half empty water bottle.

Eric stood for another moment and continued to stare at the video of a young, fresh-faced Mia.

“I’m about to head out, Mia.” Eric said.

“Are you coming back?” Mia asked.

Eric’s silence lingered for a minute.

Mia flatly replied, “I will take that as a no. Hope she makes you happy.”

Eric opened his mouth to reply and shook his head in frustration. “It’s not about her. It was about you and me but you made it clear…you’ve made so many things clear I don’t even know where to begin,” Eric said.

“So don’t. Go ahead and leave. Knowing you, you probably left me a lame ass letter and had no intention of telling me goodbye,” Mia spat.

Eric cringed at what seemed like a stranger’s voice. Once upon a time her voice soothed him, her lyrical tunes filled his heart with joy. Now she was a stranger cutting him down every chance she got. He walked around the couch and saw the open bags of chips and cookies. Empty jug sized wine bottles were scattered about as well.

“You can’t even look at me Mia?” Eric asked.

Mia blinked slowly and moved her eyes from the TV to Eric and back to the TV again.

“You can’t keep me from her Mia. I will see her again,” Eric threatened.

Mia jumped up from the couch and turned to face Eric with a wild look in her eyes.

“She’s my child Eric. Not. Yours. Never. Yours.” Mia’s shoulders heaved in and out and she wiped saliva from the side of her mouth. She surprised herself with her rage but didn’t bother to explain it away.

“If you ever try to see my daughter again, I will kill you. Now get the fuck out and don’t come back,” Mia growled. Her bloodshot eyes stared Eric down. Eric bit his bottom lip and the taste of blood reminded him what would happen next if he stayed in the same room as Mia. He nodded slowly then turned around, walked down the hallway and out the front door.

When he closed the door, Mia turned around and sat back on the couch. She resumed her smoke session and stared in a trance at the video of her former self.


I can’t wait to see what is next. Let’s start a dialogue and let K. Reid know what we think about Fat Kills II.

  • Make you leave a comment about your impressions of this excerpt.
  • If you’ve read Fat Kills, let readers know what you think.
  • K. Reid will be stopping by to answer any questions, so let’s start a dialogue.

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36 thoughts on “ Exclusive Sneak Peek of Fat Kills II by K. Reid”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Joey! I really appreciate everyone checking out Fat Kills II. Would love to know what you think so far and if you have any suggestions…yes I’m open to suggestions 🙂 Fat Kills is going to be a 4 book series and I can’t wait to see what you all think.

    1. K.Reid, when you came to me with the idea for this excerpt, I was intrigued. I mean, I really loved Fat Kills. So different, yet so familiar. The fact that is was a suspense/thriller was kind of new to me, but I had spent time with college friends in the DMV.

      Fat Kills took me back to those times. Being from the country, hearing the lingo, tasting the mumbo sauce on french fries, hearing the Go-Go… It was a great experience.

      I am very interested in seeing what the people think about this great lead in to this great book.

  2. I love the way the book is starting. I feel so invested in these characters my heart breaks to think of Mia and Eric apart! Immediately my curiousity has gotten the best of me. I have so many questions. Who is this “she”? What has happened to Mia? Where did she and Eric go wrong? Lastly, does Michelle belong to Mikey or Professor and is she bipolar like her mother? I can not wait to read the next 4 books. When do they come out?

    1. You’re right, Chavon. Eric went through a lot. Only to get a different woman to start this one off. Or did he? I can’t wait for this one to drop. Fat Kills II is about to be another roller coaster.

  3. Hi Chavon! Thanks so much for your support and posting! Yea…Fat Kills II definitely starts on a “ooo things are not sweet for Mia and Eric” note. I felt like Mia went through way too much in Fat Kills to be a solid partner in a relationship. I think a lot of people loved how in love they were in the first book but in reality…life happens and people change, especially when they go through what Mia has gone through. Fat Kills II will be out in March of this year. Fat Kills III in August of this year and I’m aiming for a 2013 release of Fat Kills IV, a prequel about Professor’s earlier years. No major comments on Michelle just yet…I’m open to posting another snippet about Michelle since I know people really want to know what is going on with her.

  4. The beginning of this book sounds intriguing. Admittedly, I haven’t read Fat Kills so I can’t comment on what’s going on in these characters’ lives in this excerpt. But what I can say is that I really like your marketing savvy; what a way to get a person interested in the first book, while anticipating the release of book 2! I also love your writing style, K. Reid! I will definitely look into reading/purchasing Fat Kills.

    Cathy Jo, author of Transitions: short stories for a rainy day. Available from

    1. Hi Cathy Jo! Thanks for checking out my snippet and offering your support. I think leaking a portion of Fat Kills 2 will definitely get the word out about Fat Kills and generate a lot of interest. Joey has been a big supporter so I’m only posting the snippet on his site exclusively. Just reading the feedback has encouraged me so much.

  5. Thank you, Cathy, for stopping by and checking out the excerpt for Fat Kills II. I think you will find Fat Kills so very interesting. Like I’ve said in this post and in the book review, Fat Kills is unique in its approach to blending different literary styles.

    I look forward to seeing more readers stopping by and commenting on this excerpt. Maybe we may be granted more sneak peeks from this new book in near future.

    1. I’m definitely down for posting more snippets Joey 🙂 I know I definitely need to post something involving Michelle.

  6. Great work, Ms. Reid. This looks like it’s going to be a riveting read like the first one. I’m rooting for the sequel. Keep writing! 🙂


  7. I love the excerpt! This is starting off like a rollercoaster ride like the first Fat Kills. I’m so excited to read the rest. I’m envisioning some ideas for the cover. Next stop..the big screen.

    1. Thanks girl! I appreciate you doing the cover and we def have to make moves with these next ones 🙂 Def praying that I can get it on the big screen too!

  8. yet again, the incomparable K.Reid leaves us on the edge wanting more! I can’t wait for my copy of fatkillsII. autographed, of course 🙂

  9. Congratulations on this project! Fat Kills was excellent. I can’t wait to read the next three! You are definitely headed to the NYT bestsellers list! WOW!

    1. Thank you so much for supporting me and claiming NYT bestseller moves! All of the encouragement is motivating me like crazy. I’ve been in here writing like crazy the last 3 hours. I can’t wait to publish 🙂

  10. Where do I begin? I am so excited I can’t wait another second for part II to drop! I am not lying when I say I had to read Fat Kills twice because it was just that dam good! I never do that! K. Read is bound for NYT best seller, Oprah Book club and all of that! Fat kills the movie!! Lets go!!

    1. One of my biggest supporters! I love you girl! I can’t wait to go on Oprah and rock some Fezelry! I just finished mentioning Fezelry (again) in the portion I wrote earlier today 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for supporting me Michael! I definitely plan to post another excerpt soon. Fat Kills was intense but Fat Kills II is definitely shaping up to be a nail biter 🙂 Read it with the lights on!

  11. Fat Kills II is about to be so Dope! Can’t wait for it to come out. It’s
    going to be another great read just like the first one you couldn’t put
    the book down.

    1. Thank you sis!!!! The way I’m writing it is definitely making it more of a page turner than Fat Kills (if that’s possible lol). I appreciate you supporting me from Day 1!

  12. Fat Kills was amazing and I can’t wait to dig into Fat Kills II .. I love that you can visualize where the characters are and the songs throughout the book totally go with the flow of the book .. I must say that this is the first book that made me feel like I was watching a movie .. The author was very detailed which made the book such a page turner .. I wait anxiously for Fat Kills II and for it to hit the big screen .. K. Reid ROCKS!!!!! Thanks for sharing your talent with the world

    1. Thank you Ayana! I can’t wait to see it on the big screen myself! Thank you so much for supporting me and being one of the first people to buy a copy.

    1. Thanks girl! I’m writing like crazy. I think everyone is gonna love Part II just as much as Fat Kills if not more.

  13. Loved this excerpt! I am so mad because I want more!!!! lol Can’t believe Mia is tripping! But after her ordeal I can only imagine what is going on in her mind! I want to know, I need to know!! Good job K. Ried, can’t wait to get my hands on this!

    1. Thank you girl!!!! When I was brainstorming I thought the same thing…part of me wanted to write an upbeat story but there’s no way Mia could be upbeat or normal after Fat Kills. Took it all the way to the left and it’s crazy as all get out 🙂 I really appreciate your support!

  14. I loved the first book and am looking forward to the second one. You did a great job with the characters. I feel like I know them and that they live down the street. Congrats and see you in March.

  15. Thanks Jackie 🙂 I appreciate your support, you were one of the first folks to grab a copy of Fat Kills.

  16. Thank you so much!!! My goal is to do an independent movie down the line so I’m holding you to the acting moves 🙂

  17. Chile… 3 more books… Yaaass!!! I can’t wait.. I found this site because I wrote a review of Fat Kills on Amazon and K.Reid responded and I had mentioned book 2 w/o knowing that was the plan, but as an aspiring writer myself… there is NO WAY I would not have been able to end it like that… such an amazing wave of emotional ride, and super intriguing story! Girl, you had my eyes popping out and grimacing (at the same damn time) while reading Fat Kills, but I NEVER thought that I couldn’t continue reading becuase I had to know the story!!!! Joe, I absolutely cannot wait for the next books AND sign me up for the pre-release purchase and I’m already in line for my movie tickets… E Street Cinema – I see you!!! 🙂 Congrats!!!!

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