Audiobook Giveaway: “Success Is a Side Effect” by Monica F. Anderson, DDS

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Monica F. Anderson, DDS, is giving away the audiobook “Success Is A Side Effect: Leadership, Relationships, and Selective Amnesia” to twenty (20) lucky listeners via and

All you have to do is comment on this post to participate. This audiobook will be absolutely free. Use an email address that is readily available to you. After replying to the verification email, you will be sent the download code and instructions.

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5 Question Q&A with… Monica F. Anderson, DDS, author of “Success Is a Side Effect” Exclusive Interview 
5 Question Q&A With… 
Monica F. Anderson, DDS, aka “Dr. mOe,” author of Success Is a Side Effect: Leadership, Relationships, and Selective Amnesia
TyMAC Books

Success Is a Side Effect is a powerful, practical guide to achieving more fulfilling relationships at work, at home, and in your community by best-selling author and motivational speaker Dr. Monica Anderson. Her unique approach to personal growth is illustrated with real-world situations, surprising statistics, and laugh-out-loud anecdotes.

Discover the positive side effects of authentically pursuing your passions with practical lessons in leadership like:

  • Schedule your nervous breakdowns
  • The trouble with cheerleading
  • How to avoid emotional miscarriages
  • The cougar myth
  • Eat lunch with strangers
  • And why you absolutely must have multiple streams of happiness

Joey Pinkney: What inspired you to write Success Is a Side Effect? Out of your fiction and nonfiction paperbacks, what inspired you to offer this title in audiobook format?

Monica F. Anderson, DDS, aka Dr. mOe: In the second and third decades of my life, I focused too much on trying to make that paper. Achievements, awards, dollar bills…you name it. Western society convinced me–and others–success was a person, place, or thing. I sincerely believed that was the best way to help my family and my community. Continue reading 5 Question Q&A with… Monica F. Anderson, DDS, author of “Success Is a Side Effect”

5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… J. Brinkley, author of “Revenge: a novel” Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
J. Brinkley, author of Revenge: a novel
Voma Publications

Baltimore College student Brooklyn Taylor finds herself falling in love with a classmate who loves the streets more than anything else. She begs Tyrell to change his lifestyle. The more she pleads, the more distant he becomes.

Brooklyn is elated when she discovers she is pregnant, but celebration soon turns into devastation when she finds out Tyrell is on his way to prison. Brooklyn begins to question her love for and her future with him. When she makes the decision to stand by him no matter what her friends and family think of him, she prays endlessly to God that he will change his ways.

Brooklyn gives birth to their daughter and has two jobs to earn money while Tyrell is serving time. Upon his release from prison, he learns about her new job and becomes abusive. A physical altercation lands Brooklyn in the hospital – internal wounds fuel a deep-seated resentment towards Tyrell. As she lies in the hospital bed getting health back, her deep emotional scars remain. All she can think of is sweet revenge…

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the inspiration to write Revenge?

J. Brinkley: I started writing when I was fourteen. I use to write letters and poetry to express how I felt about life and people. I would let people read what I wrote, and they would be blown away by how articulate I was. As I grew older, I decided to write about my life story, Tears of Evidence, which was my very first published book. I enjoyed the feedback and decided to continue writing. I love the freedom to be able to create another world within a world. Continue reading 5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… J. Brinkley, author of “Revenge: a novel”

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