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The 14 Days After Q&A: Why are men challenged by their perineal G-spot?

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Why do men feel that anal stimulation challenges their manhood when they have a g-spot back there?

Big Boom: That part of a man’s body is off limits unless it is tissue or a doctor giving him an exam.

Tanya White:
Now that is a question that I will not even attempt to answer… Whew! You will have to ask a man about that.

Dedan Tolbert: I think most men have a certain level of homophobia, in general, which explains why they want to stay away from that area when it comes to sex.

Cassandra Washington: That’s a tough question. For years, any such thing on a man has been associated with homosexuality. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality. Be who you are. I can’t front and say that I wouldn’t be a little uncomfortable if my man asked me to do that for him. In light of that, men may feel much more uncomfortable requesting that type of action out of fear that they may receive a negative reaction from their women.

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