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The 14 Days After Q&A: When should men draw the line in role playing?

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Where should men draw the line when it comes to pleasing their woman with role playing?

Cassandra Washington: Whenever he or she feels uncomfortable, that’s when the line should be drawn. If both parties are down for anything, and it’s no holds-barred, then they should just continue to go with the flow and live in the moments.

Big Boom: When it starts getting dangerous for your marriage.

Dedan Tolbert: I don’t really think a man should have to draw a line when pleasing their woman. There should be a mutual understanding between both people that nothing will be done that makes either person uncomfortable in any way. Love making should be something that is special and treasured by both people. Role playing can be a great, fun way to enhance a couple’s sex life but like everything, there is a time and place for everything.

Tanya White:
Each couple should have their own sexual expectations and boundaries that they should feel comfortable with.

The 14 Days After Q&A is a relationship mini-series. For the month of February, each day after Valentine’s Day will feature a new relationship question to be answered by two female and two male authors who have written books about relationships. Click here for more information about the authors Tanya White, Cassandra Washington, Dedan Tolbert and Big Boom.

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