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The 14 Days After Q&A: Why Do Men Really Cheat?

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Why do men really cheat?

Dedan Tolbert: While this question is often an extremely complicated one, the first step is to identify what “stage” your man is in at that particular point in his life. When I say stage, I mean that all men go through 3 stages for what they are looking for from women. These 3 stages differ from man to man and are often based on the man’s maturity level.

One stage is the “dog stage”. This stage is where men just want to have sex with as many women as possible as fast as possible. They don’t really care about the woman’s feelings at all. Another stage is the “player stage”. This stage is when a man finds someone who he’s interested in settling down with but he still wants to have his fun on the side while dealing with multiple other women. The last stage is the “wifey stage”. This is when a man is truly interested in finding a wife or a girlfriend and really being committed to her. I’m not saying that men won’t cheat during this stage, but it’s not what he’s setting out to do mentally.

So overall, there’s no easy answer to this question.When it comes to the question of why a man is cheating on his woman, it depends on what stage he’s in when he cheats.

Cassandra Washington: That’s a great question. From what I hear from a lot of men, some do it just because they can. You know, to see if they still have it like that. Some do it because they feel constricted or neglected in their current relationship. What men are missing in their current situation, they’ll try to find it outside. It’s never a good idea, but hey, it happens because they are human. Humans make mistakes. I will say, however, with the way the world is today with disease, pregnancy rates, violence, etc, cheating is never a good idea. You can’t fix what’s inside, by going out, feel what I’m saying?

Big Boom: It’s fun and it’s easy to do. It makes some men feel like they own the world. If you don’t know any better, you feel like it’s part of manhood. Some guys learn from the best, which would be there father.

Tanya White: In my opinion, men cheat because they have not been honest with themselves or their companion about what they truly want and need not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually. Instead of patiently waiting to find the love they really want and deserve, they settle for what I call “Might As Well Hell” by staying in an unfulfilling relationship and pursuing another unfulfilling relationship on the side. (For complete explanation of what I mean by “Might As Well Hell”, read issue #158 of Tanya’s Tips newsletter via www.tanyawhite.com)

The 14 Days After Q&A is a relationship mini-series. For the month of February, each day after Valentine’s Day will feature a new relationship question to be answered by two female and two male authors who have written books about relationships. Click here for more information about the authors Tanya White, Cassandra Washington, Dedan Tolbert and Big Boom.

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