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The 14 Days After Q&A: Do you have to be a freak to enjoy great sex?

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For women, there is a stigma attached to being labeled as a “freak” that keeps some women from fully exploring their sexuality. Do you have to be a “freak” to enjoy great sex?

Tanya White: No, you do not have to be a freak to enjoy sex. Society has ingrained in our minds that sex is cheap, dirty and perverted. In actuality, sex is a sacred encounter between two mature adults who have agreed to become physically intimate because the have become emotionally intimate. When sex occurs in this context, nothing is undefiled or off limits because the two have communicated their desires amongst themselves and nobody else.

Dedan Tolbert: I believe that the negativity that many believe is associated with being a freak is intended for those women who portray themselves as a “hoe”. There is nothing wrong with being a freak under the right circumstances. My definition of a freak is a woman who will do any and everything to make sure her man is completely satisfied. Most men desire “a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets”. A hoe is someone who is promiscuous and does freaky things for a large number of people. I don’t think you have to necessarily be a freak to enjoy great sex because you’re not going to do any and everything for everybody. Some things should be saved for your man, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have great sex without doing all the “freaky” things.

Cassandra Washington: Of course not. You only have to be comfortable with your situation and your body. If you’re with a man who makes you feel safe enough to be who you are, and you accept who you are and what you can do, you’ll be quite surprised the tricks you come up with and the fun you have doing them. Having fun and trying new things doesn’t make you a freak. It just shows that you are uninhibited and open-minded, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Big Boom: To stop the stigma, women need to slow down. If you just have to have sex, then hold back some of your wild side because it could end up a one night stand. As the relationship progresses slowly begin show the side that you held back.While you two are watching something with love making in it, suggest that you and your man try it. This will make him feel he taught you something new, and you can get your freak on at the same time.

The 14 Days After Q&A is a relationship mini-series. For the month of February, each day after Valentine’s Day will feature a new relationship question to be answered by two female and two male authors who have written books about relationships. Click here for more information about the authors Tanya White, Cassandra Washington, Dedan Tolbert and Big Boom.

Sun 02-15-09 Do you have to be a freak to enjoy great sex?

Mon 02-16-09 Is sex overrated?

Tue 02-17-09 When should men draw the line in role playing?

Wed 02-18-09 Why do men really cheat?

Thu 02-19-09 Why do I date the same people over and over?

Fri 02-20-09 Why are men challenged by their perineal G-spot?

Sat 02-21-09 Do I tell my friend she’s dating a married man?

Sun 02-22-09 How do I tell my husband I’m sexually frustrated without hurting his feelings?

Mon 02-23-09 Would more racial boundaries break if more people dated interacially?

Tue 02-24-09 How do I cope with not trusting my girfriend after catching her with another woman?

Wed 02-25-09 How do I get my boyfriend of 8 yrs to understand my desire to marry him with losing him?

Thu 02-26-09 How do I cope with my boyfriend sending me mixed messages?

Fri 02-27-09 I fell in love with my best friend’s wife. What should I do?

Sat 02-28-09 Each author gets a special question just for him or her.

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5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… M.L. Jacobs, author of The RestStop: Jeff and Jeanine

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
M.L. Jacobs, author of The RestStop: Jeff and Jeanine
(Chaklet Coffee Books)

ml jacobs the reststop on amazondotcom

Jeanine, a sexy yet lonely young woman meets the man of her dreams on the Internet. When she meets Jeff, she believes that her prayers have been answered…finally. They date by email, text, and cell phone for three months before deciding to meet face-to-face at a popular motel called The RestStop. Jeff promises to fulfill her darkest fantasies.

But, does anyone truly know if the person behind the monitor is who he says he is? What happens when Jeff and Jeanine meet at The RestStop for a night of unadulterated passion?

Follow the clues in this fast-paced psychological thriller that has a surprise around every corner.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write The RestStop: Jeff and Jeanine?

M.L. Jacobs: Originally, a friend dared me to extend my writing from inspirational to adult, specifically erotica. What began as a simple sexual situation between two characters became a short story. The short story developed into each character having an intriguing past with memory flashbacks and present-day inner conflicts based on past experiences. The short story easily became a thrilling novel which I am extremely proud of.

JP: What sets The RestStop: Jeff and Jeanine apart from other erotica novels?

MLJ: The RestStop: Jeff and Jeanine is so much more than an erotic novel. It has suspense, mystery, thrills, twists, and great passionate scenes. The main characters are multidimensional, very believable, and either makes the reader love or hate them.

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that lead to The RestStop: Jeff and Jeanine getting out to the public?

MLJ: Through social networking sites like Myspace, Yahoo, Twitter and others The RestStop: Jeff and Jeanine was introduced to a wide audience. The characters seem to appeal to people on the Internet because they can easily be related to. We all know at least one person who has dated and met people from the Internet.

JP: If you could be one of your characters from past or present novels, who would you be? And why?

MLJ: If I could be one of my characters I would be Blondie from The RestStop because although she has a few hang-ups, she is the most grounded of all of the main characters, making her very believable.

JP: What’s next for M.L. Jacobs?

MLJ: We are finishing up editing on the premier edition of EROS369: An Anthology for Adults which will be released in January 2009 – it contains a sultry 69 erotic short stories and poems in 3 chapters from many of today’s hottest writers. Published by Chaklet Coffee Books.


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